Surefire Effective Tips for an Instant Boost in Sex Appeal ...


Surefire Effective Tips for an Instant  Boost in Sex Appeal ...
Surefire Effective Tips for an Instant  Boost in Sex Appeal ...

There's a difference between being cute and sexy. However, that doesn't mean that you can only be considered one of those things. On some days, you can look adorable, and on other days, you can appear as hot as all hell. Whether you're trying to lure in your crush or show off to your partner, here's how you can increase your sex appeal:

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Flaunt Your Best Assets

person, physical fitness, album cover, model, document, If you have perky breasts, wear a shirt that shows them off. You don't have to show any cleavage. Just wear a tight shirt that shows off your shape. Likewise, if your legs are your best assets, then wear a miniskirt or a sleek pair of pants that will draw attention to them.


Wear the Right Scents

clothing, pink, beauty, dress, spring, There are certain scents that men find more attractive than others. Pumpkin pie, for instance, will drive them wild. It seems like a random scent, but does it really surprise you that men get turned on by dessert? The next time you go perfume shopping, search for something with a pumpkin scent, lavender, or vanilla. Those are the three most attractive scents to the male nostrils.


Get Enough Sleep

Don Quixote, c.1955, woman, bride, wedding dress, dress, If you don't get enough sleep, your eyes are going to be red and you'll have bags beneath them. If you want to appear attractive, then you need to get your beauty rest so that you'll have glowing skin. You should also avoid skimping on your hygiene. Always wash your makeup off your face before bed, brush your teeth multiple times a day, and keep your hair washed.


Personalize Your Flirting Moves

person, vacation, fun, woman, man, We all look flattering while doing different things. That's why you should step in front of a mirror to flirt with yourself. See what you look like when you wink, when you smirk, and when you play with your hair. Whatever move is the most attractive is the one you should use to flirt.


Find People with High Heart Rates

clothing, black hair, model, thigh, photo shoot, If you're looking for a date, you should go somewhere where heart rates are high, because it'll automatically increase your sex appeal. The gym is an excellent place to scout for partners, because it’s easier for people to find each other attractive when their bodies are already mimicking the signs of attraction. Since everyone's bodies are already sweating and their hearts are beating fast, they'll fall for you easier.


Wear Red

clothing, color, footwear, leather, dress, There are certain colors that scientists say attract men more than others do. Red, for instance, is one of the most alluring colors, because it reminds men of sex. It's also a great idea to wear sparkly jewelry, because it will do a good job of catching a guy's attention. So before you see your crush again, put together a red outfit with lots of sparkles.


Show off Your Skills

hair, eyebrow, hairstyle, blond, black hair, Sex appeal isn't all about physical attraction. It's also about your personality. If you're skilled at singing, get on stage at a talent show or perform at a club. If you're great at baking, bring in some cookies for the office or make YouTube videos to show off your stuff. Once a man sees how talented you are, he'll find you irresistible.


Dress to Impress

clothing, fashion, dress, spring, photo shoot, Not only should you wear items that show off your best assets, but also items that hide the ones you dislike. Dressing to impress also includes having your hair decent and some makeup on too. You can't expect to look sexy with your hair a mess and raccoon eyes of smeared mascara now can you?


Have Confidence

hair, human hair color, face, blond, hairstyle, While it's true sex appeal is mainly physical attraction, the way you carry yourself plays a part as well. Having confidence and positivity will draw people to you in ways they can't even explain. You'll be sexier just by feeling sexier in your skin!


Eye Contact/Smile

hair, face, person, photography, black hair, Eye contact is probably one of the simplest ways you can increase your sex appeal instantly. Having a warm and inviting smile will woo people over. Be sure when you smile to make eye contact and engage your eyes as well because the eyes are extremely telling. Eyes show emotions the mouth cannot so combining great eyes with a killer smile, you just might catch the guy you've been after.

You have the potential to look and feel sexy, so don't sell yourself short. What's the sexiest thing about yourself? It's okay to brag!

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What Alyx said.

Lol 👆🏾

And a cute ass

@iris r u there???

I have sexy leg

Have a good eye contact with the person I believe when someone has interest in u he automatically scans for u n his eyes speaks his heart

Well said Alyx

I always wear red, not because its attractive but because my friends always tell me that red suits my personality...

Totally agree with you @sarahB !!!!! Majority of men HATE the "30 pounds of makeup on your face" look.

Wow!! Just recently separated and was so apprehensive about meeting eligible men, it's been 23 years and just don't know how to get back into it. I'm fearfully !

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