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Wondering how to move on from a failed relationship? It can be difficult and confusing figuring out how to move on when you still think about your ex. Letting go can be very painful when you were so sure that you would be together forever. After all, you put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this relationship. But staying stuck in the past will keep you from moving forward. But it is possible to let go of a past relationship, move on, and have a new beginning. Here's how to move on from a failed relationship.

1. Think about Your Role in the Relationship

Thinking about what kind of partner you were in the relationship can help you grow. It can also keep you from repeating the same mistakes. Were you too demanding? Too passive? Did you lose yourself in the relationship? Think about what caused your behavior in the last relationship. This will help you to figure out what you want in your next relationship. But don’t over analyze to the point where you beat yourself up over what happened. Some serious thinking is a great answer for how to move on from a failed relationship.

Accept the Fact That It’s over


Thanks for posting this! I am going through this right now so it’s nice to remember to focus back on doing what’s best for me!
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