Girl's Guide to Spotting the One Who is Only Going to Hurt You ...


Girl's Guide to Spotting the One Who is Only Going to Hurt You ...
Girl's Guide to Spotting the One Who is Only Going to Hurt You ...

Every girl needs to know how to recognize the guy that is only going to hurt you. Sometimes, when we are vulnerable, we encounter people who will be detrimental to our sanity and general well being. At first, they may seem the most important people you need in your life. They do all they can to be trusted by you - until you understand they play you up!

In order to avoid heartbreaks or disappointment, learn how to recognize a bad guy thanks to this guide. How to identify a bad guy? What to do if you have toxic people around you? How to get rid of him without suffering? Here's how to recognize the guy that is only going to hurt you.

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A Bad Guy Will Ensure He Knows You Well before Hurting You

This type of man will be good at finding your sweet spots in bed and make you reach a climax, then he will deprive you of it, suddenly. He talks a lot about sex and deep kisses. He takes you to dancing, sometimes to beautiful coffee places, or to watch beautiful movies with you to make you believe romance exists. He has taken a great interest in your activities and in your life…and knows very well which state you are currently in. Beware because this one of the red flags teaching you how to recognize the guy that is only going to hurt you.


A Bad Guy is Good at Keeping You until You Realize Who He is

The wrong man will ensure you follow his bullshit for a while. He will come back to you anytime, will make compliments to you, will introduce you to his sweet family so you have no doubt about who he really is. As much as possible, he will use good words to trick you such as “I love you” or “I want to go to Paris with you.” Again, open your eyes and run as fast as possible before you get trapped…Yes, it’s a trap!


A Bad Guy Will Make You Cry

That’s the very first sign of danger with a bad guy. If suddenly, the guy makes you cry when you did nothing, it’s very possible that you have caught a bad man. When the game starts to end, you may feel something is wrong (why is he not coming to see me tonight? Why is his phone is off for 15 hours on a Saturday night? Why he does not want to travel with me)? The bad guy will start hurting you with his behavior when he reveals his real character, slowly, with time. Again, run before you get hurt.


A Bad Guy Has Little Time for You

Usually, love does not require people to sacrifice their time. If you are connected to your lover, whether you are physically present or not, you can still feel the intense bond between the two of you. When two people love each other, they always have time, even when they are busy. They text each other frequently (without taking too much space in the other’s life) and they make plans to see each other often. If they can, they spend time together with common friends. On the contrary, a bad guy (someone who pretends to love you but in fact does not, has no time for you). Suddenly, you are not his priority anymore and he may even tell you, “I will have only 1 day per week to see you.” Again, before you cry tons of unfair tears, just leave.


A Bad Guy Makes His Own Plans

As a result of having no time for you, a bad guy will also make his own plans. That is to say, plans where you are not invited. Whether with other friends or by himself, the toxic guy will go out by himself, dance, drink, have fun without you. It’s ok to have fun individually sometimes. But it’s not ok to repeat it too frequently without letting you know or even inviting you. If possible, don’t even reach the point when you start noticing the guy is just making his life without you!


A Bad Guy Does Not Introduce You to His Friends

How many of his friends have you met? How well do you know his friends? Is he really introducing you to people who care about you? A bad guy will show you off to the minimum amount of friends because it’s easier when he needs to ditch you. No need to let his friends know.


He Will Talk about His Exes with His Friends but Not about You

Consequently, when a bad guy talks about you to his friends, they will often talk about their exes on Tinder, and not so much about how awesome you are. A bad guy is busier talking about how bad their exes have been with him, playing innocent to hide his real face, rather than talking about you.


Check What Happened to His Previous Relationships

Very often, the bad guy will have short relationships that end very badly! If you hear crazy stories like his previous girlfriends have hit your guy or ditched him in the UK in the middle of the streets, please pay attention! This will show how he behaved in the past. This behavior is often a catalyst for your own story to end in a similar way. Again, don’t wait for that point to fly away.


Playing the Card of the Long Distance Relationship, a Bad Guy Will Suddenly Ditch You or do Anything for You to do It!

If you have to travel for personal reasons (visa, business, holiday), you might have a long distance relationship but you don’t want that. Very rarely, this type of relationship works unless the couple has been together long enough to survive it. A long distance relationship is very often a disguised breakup done in the most hypocritical way. When this happens, the bad guy finally has good reasons to ditch you behind your back. Enjoy your pretty holiday and ditch him before he does.

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