A Girl's Guide to Surviving an Emotionally Abusive Relationship ...

Emotional abuse, like physical and mental abuse, is damaging, dangerous, and a disservice to you. You deserve better. Emotional abuse leaves scars that don't fade. It can hold you prisoner and keep you captive. You begin to feel like you deserve every ugly, unkind, disparaging word. You begin to think you deserve the abuse, that there's something wrong with you, and that this is the best you can do. You don't deserve the abuse. There isn't anything wrong with you. This is not the best you can do. You can get out of this. You can survive it. You can thrive through it.

1. Admit That It's Abuse

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This is the hard part. Emotional abuse comes in many forms. Your partner may outright insult you, may call you ugly or fat, tell you that you're a slut, that you're stupid. S/he may try to control what you wear, how you think, and who your friends are. Constant arguments, disparaging your opinions, insulting you, or simply shutting you out, never talking to you, and blaming you for all the issues in your relationship are all forms of emotional abuse. Mental and verbal abuse may come into play, as well. This type of abuse, unfortunately, takes many forms, some of which are subtle and insidious. You have to recognize the abuse and call it what it is. That's the first step in taking back your own power.

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