How Your Zodiac Sign Knows You're with the Wrong Person ...


How Your Zodiac Sign Knows You're with the Wrong Person ...
How Your Zodiac Sign Knows You're with the Wrong Person ...

Have you ever been a relationship that, for some reason or another, you just aren’t that passionate or excited about? Once the fun of the dating period if over, you would be surprised by how many women stay with partners that they know deep down are not quite right for them, simply because they can’t put their finger on what the problem is. However, if you are feeling like this is starting to describe you, you can always turn to astrology to give you some answers. Here is how your zodiac sign knows that you are with the wrong person.end

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You will know you’re with the wrong person when you continue to have that feeling of being stifled or held back by your partner, even though you know that you should be feeling the opposite.



You will start to be consumed with jealousy and insecurity, not because there is anything to be jealous or insecure about, but because subconsciously you are looking for a way to end the relationship.



You start to realise that you have been presenting a version of yourself to your partner that isn’t even the real you, almost like you are playing a part in a show.



You feel like are constantly falling over yourself to explain or apologize for misunderstandings; it’s a sign that the chemistry just isn’t there.



You know you are with the wrong person when it feels like that the relationship is draining you of all your energy rather than being an energising and motivating force in your life.



Rather than joy and happiness, the relationship causes you nothing but stress and anxiety. It should leave you wondering why you are even still in it.



You feel like you have to make yourself smaller in order to accommodate your partner in your life. Almost as if you are not allowed to be your best and biggest self when they are around.



You find yourself retreating further and further into your own head, not wanting to make conversation or even communicate effectively with your partner any more because you don’t think it’s worth it.



You spend most of your time in the relationship being pessimistic rather than optimistic, because you know deep down that none of the plans you make together will ever come to fruition.



You feel like your partner misunderstands every single thing that you do and say, the whole thing has turned in to a massive series of miscommunications.



You feel like you can’t confide in your partner and connect with them on a deeper, more emotional level



You spend most of your time with them, but for some reason you feel more alone and isolated than ever. This is because they are physically there with you, but not providing you with the kind of kinship that you really crave.

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