9 Important πŸ’‘ Things You Should πŸ‘ Know πŸ’­ about Sex πŸ› at College 🏫 ...


Going to college is one the biggest milestones in your early life. It’s a time that opens you up to a whole new world of lots of different experiences, and sex is definitely one of them. Even if you are someone who has been sexually active before you start college, the specific nature of the environment means that things aren’t always as straight forward or as simple as that time you did it with your high school boyfriend after prom. Here are nine things you should know about sex at college!

1. It Can Be Unexpected

You might anticipate that once you get to college, you are going to be at it like a rabbit, finding yourself and experimenting with everyone and everything. In reality, though, the only thing that you can really expect is that is is going to be completely unexpected! Sorry for the riddle!

It Should Be Protected