10 Differences between Female and Male Orgasms ...


10 Differences between Female and Male  Orgasms ...
10 Differences between Female and Male  Orgasms ...

Sex is fun, this is something that I think we can all agree on! The feelings of sexual pleasure that a good quality intimate encounter can generate are some of the best feelings a human being can experience but have you ever taken a second to consider that what you are feeling down below might be completely different to what your partner is feeling? That’s right, when it comes to orgasms, there are more differences between a guy and a girl than you might think. Here are ten differences between female and male orgasms!

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Multiple Climaxes for Women

Once a man orgasms, he needs some time to recharge his batteries and let everything refuel, but not us women! Ladies are capable of climaxing again and again with mere minutes in between because we have no refractory period.


Shorter Orgasms for Men

Male ejaculation and orgasm sensation tends to last on average around ten seconds, which is only half of the time that women can achieve with a much longer average of around twenty seconds.


Male Orgasms Have a Biological Purpose

From a evolutionary and scientific standpoint, the point of a male orgasm is to propel life making sperm in to its intended location, but for women, the purpose is more unclear, just for pleasure!


Different Brain Reactions before, but Not during

Recent studies have shown that different parts of men’s and women’s brains are stimulated during foreplay and sex, but when it comes to climax, the activity on both goes to the same spot in the lower portion of the brain.


Women Ejaculate, but Less Often

Men ejaculate seminal fluid typically, whilst women have ‘drier’ orgasms, but that isn’t always the case. Around ten to fifty-five percent of women expel a form of whitish fluid when they orgasm.


Similar Experience

Even though we rock pretty different parts, the actual feeling of pleasure that defines an orgasm is pretty much the same between men and women.


Pleasure Triggers

Studies have revealed that rather than just physical sensation, the notion of giving your partner pleasure is actually something that can trigger further pleasure for yourself, and cause an orgasm.


Orgasm Gap

Around 95 percent of men reach orgasm every single time they have sex. This is much higher in comparison to straight women, who only climax about 65 percent of the time.


Less of a Gap for Gay Women

The gap narrows for lesbians when it comes to achieving orgasm with every sexual encounter, the percentage is closer to 86 percent.


More Work for Women

On average, it takes little more work for women to reach orgasm. There needs to be more variety in terms of foreplay, oral sex and clitoral stimulation etc. In general, women need a much more intimate and ‘all bases covered’ kind of experience to get full satisfaction.

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