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15 Facts about Female Orgasms ...

By Sici

Let’s not beat around the bush, orgasms are great, arguably the best physical sensation that any female can experience! It can be quite a shock when you have your very first one, and it can continue to be a shock the more you get to know your own body and find ways to make your pleasure even more intense! One of the best things, though, is that something as pure and simple as an orgasm is actually an area filled with interesting information! Here are fifteen facts about female orgasms that are worth knowing!

1 It’s Teachable

Believe it or not, orgasms are actually teachable in terms of working on your muscles down there. If you do your pelvic floor exercises (that motion of like stopping in the middle of peeing), then you will find that your climaxes get stronger and stronger.

2 C-Spot

Of course, I’m talking about the clitoris! Women don’t have to experience any kind of penetration to orgasm, in fact, most women are more prone to climaxing through clitoral stimulation alone.

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3 G-Spot

But, obviously, there is that elusive g-spot too. This is a soft spongy internal area above the front of the vaginal wall that is incredibly sensitive, so if you can hit that, you are in dreamland!

4 Breasts

You can even achieve orgasm just from having your breasts stimulated! Nipple play activates that same area of your brain as clitoral and vaginal touching, so add that in to the rotation next time.

5 Anal

And you better add anal stimulation to the list too! Make sure you use plenty of lube as you explore, but trust me, you’ll hit the jackpot eventually.

6 Squirting

Squirting is a very real thing, and no, it isn’t just pee! It comes from a gland located below the bladder, and is activated when some woman experience extreme pleasure and sexual pressure.

7 Short

Unfortunately, the female orgasm doesn’t last nearly as long as we would like it to. The average length for a single climax is usually less than twenty seconds!

8 Brain

It might feel like the opposite, but orgasms actually start in the brain and then filter down to the areas that are ‘feeling’ the pleasure. It’s all about that rush of oxytocin that gets released.

9 Fertile

Orgasms are actually more intense feeling during the periods of the month that you are most fertile. This is probably a trick of evolution to get you to be more sexually active at that time!

10 Conception

Having an orgasm can actually be more helpful in getting you to conceive. The stronger your uterine contractions are in pleasure, the better the conditions will be for getting the sperm to the egg!

11 Childbirth

Can you believe that some women actually have an orgasm during childbirth!? It’s obviously not sexual arousal, but more to do with the rush of hormones and the body’s activity in that particular area.

12 Working out

Sometimes, you can work out so hard and so well that the chemicals and hormones released in your body can actually cause an orgasm. If that’s not incentive to get exercising, I don’t know what is!

13 Moaning

Orgasms can actually feel more intense if you moan compared to keeping quiet. Apparently the breathing pattern sends more energy to your genitals!

14 Anxiety

Orgasms can be severely dampened and affected by anxiety. If your body is tense and you have your mind on different things, your body won’t always give you the release that you crave.

15 Pain Threshold

Female orgasms actually have the power to dull pain in other areas of your body, so you know what to do to get rid of little aches and pains!

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