8 Oral Techniques That Will Blow His Mind ...


8 Oral Techniques That Will Blow His Mind ...
8 Oral Techniques That Will Blow His Mind ...

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but I happen to think there a few much more intimate ways to get his attention as well! Oral sex is something that some people can’t bring themselves to perform with gusto, but trust me when I say that if you can master a few top level techniques, you will have him in the palm of your hand (or between your lips 🤩). Plus, it’s always nice to be able to add some extra fun and spice into your foreplay. Here are eight oral techniques that will blow his mind!

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Get Hands Involved

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your mouth should be the only thing giving pleasure during oral sex! Work your hand up and down his shaft while your mouth and tongue focus on the head. It will drive him absolutely wild and means that you don’t have to try to fit the whole thing in your mouth if you are sensitive to that kind of thing.


Your hands are capable of working some serious magic and can add a sensuous touch to the experience. Try alternating the pressure and speed of your hand movements with the rhythm of your mouth to build a synchronized intensity that can elevate his pleasure to new heights. Incorporate some light squeezing or stroking of other sensitive areas, like his testicles or the perineum, to further heighten the sensation. Remember, the combination of oral and manual stimulation can be incredibly powerful, so don't be afraid to explore and experiment with what makes him moan with desire.



You’ve been blessed with a tongue, don’t forget to use it! Sure, the warmth and wetness of your mouth is a great start, but there are lots of pressure, speed, and directional changes you can make with your tongue that take things to the next level.


Experiment with different rhythms and patterns as you explore with your tongue. Does he respond better to slow, languorous strokes, or does he seem to prefer more urgent flicks? Don’t be afraid to mix things up. Play with the tip of your tongue on sensitive areas; then flatten it to cover more surface. Circle around, zigzag, or trace letters if you want to get creative. Remember, communication is key—listen to his body language and sounds to gauge what he enjoys the most. And when you find something that works, don’t hesitate to repeat the winning move.

Frequently asked questions

Trying out different rhythms, varying your pressure, and experimenting with your tongue and hand movements can make oral sex an unforgettable experience.

Focus on the head of the penis, use plenty of saliva or lubricant, gently play with his testicles, and watch his reactions to see what he enjoys most.

Listening to his moans and body language, incorporating both gentle and firm touches, and teasing him before going all in can significantly enhance the experience.

While there's no one-size-fits-all technique, using a combination of suction, tongue swirling, and varied paces are often appreciated.

Confidence comes with practice and communication. Talk to your partner about likes and dislikes, take your time, and remember that your enthusiasm is key to a great experience.


Work Him up

Don’t go straight for the penis. Build up the tension and sensation by doing things like stroking his legs, kissing, and licking his inner thighs, doing a bit of dirty talk. Make him beg for the main event!


Imagine his body as a landscape filled with nerve endings awaiting your exploration. Tease around his navel, trace figure eights along his hips, let your breath skitter across his skin like a tantalizing breeze. Whisper what you want to do to him, sending shivers up his spine before your lips even make contact with their final destination. It's about creating a crescendo of desire, ensuring that by the time you focus on him intimately, he's already on the verge of losing control.



Don’t ignore his testicles, they are right there after all! Gently fondle them with your hands and work your mouth down to them every now and then. It provides a different kind of pleasure for him, one that perfectly accompanies the usual blowjob actions!


Remember, the key is to be gentle and attentive to his reactions—each man is different. You can try rolling them in your palm or lightly tugging for an added sensation. If you’re feeling adventurous and he’s open to it, using your tongue to trace circles or figure eights can make for a toe-curling experience. Just make sure to communicate with your partner and proceed with what feels comfortable for both of you.


Unexpected Timing

It will feel even hotter and sexier for him if you surprise him with oral sex at a time or place where he isn’t expecting it! A little something-something as you are binging Netflix on the TV, a little something-something in the kitchen, a little something-something as you jump in the shower ... surprise him!


The spontaneity involved in surprising your man with oral pleasure can be an astounding turn-on. Think about those lazy Sunday mornings when the atmosphere is just right for some unexpected intimacy. Or perhaps, while you’re both getting ready for work and the bathroom becomes a stage for passion. These unconventional moments can ignite a fervent excitement that enhances everything about the experience. His astonishment, coupled with the delight of your impulsive affection, will send his pleasure soaring to new heights. So, dare to be spontaneous; it could lead to some of your most memorable encounters.


Wet and Wild

There is nothing worse than a dry blowjob! It might sound gross, but you really want to get as much saliva involved as you possible. The extra lubrication will make it easier for you, and will give him even more pleasure.


When you're down there working your magic, don’t be shy with the spit. If you’re normally not one to drool, now’s the time to let it flow. Playing it too neat can actually take away from the experience. Of course, you want to keep it comfortable for both of you, but a wetter session means smoother movements and heightened sensations. Use your tongue actively—it’s a powerful tool. An enthusiastic approach with the right amount of moisture will send him over the edge. Remember, when it comes to a mind-blowing oral experience, slippery is usually better!



It can really kill the mood if he senses that you aren’t into it, or are doing it against your will. Be as enthusiastic as you can about providing your special services, and he will feel even better about it!


Embracing your eagerness and excitement can exponentially amplify the experience for both of you. Let your energy and passion be visible in your eyes and with every movement—you're not just going through the motions; you're truly savoring the moment. Expressing your desire, through sounds or words of encouragement, validates his pleasure and reinforces the connection between you. This kind of positive reinforcement can turn an ordinary encounter into an unforgettable one, where he feels like the center of your universe, ultimately heightening the intensity of his climax.



Be adventurous and incorporate a little food in to the mix. Nothing wrong with a bit of chocolate syrup or whipped cream down there. You might as well make it a sweet treat for yourself as well as treat for him!

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