7 Inexcusable Reasons for Staying in an Unhealthy Relationship ...


Have you ever stayed in a relationship that you knew wasn’t right? We’ve all been there. Although some relationships are undoubtedly worth fighting for, others might have simply run their course, or become unhealthy for one or both people involved. That doesn’t necessarily make it easy to leave, though. If you find yourself hanging around for any of these reasons, make plans to leave, now.

1. They Love You

Okay, so everyone likes to be loved, but that’s not a reason to stay. You might wonder if anyone else will ever love you like they do, as much as they do, or if you’re walking away from the only person who will ever adore you. Love isn’t enough, sometimes. If the relationship isn’t working in general, you have to trust that there’s someone else that will love you – and it’ll be mutual – and get the confidence to leave.

You Can’t Hurt Them


Sasa Fab
@Bella, run. Run fast. Don't marry this man.
Beryl Stokes
It's really difficult choosing whether to stay in an unhappy marriage or leave and build your life again. Staying because of the children is not a good enough idea as they will grow up in an unhappy a...
Hira The Queen Of Bitches
@Bella u don't have to get married if u r not ready, take some time to think about the consequences u may suffer if u find out he cheated on u recently. There is just some thing about some boys they h...
Hira The Queen Of Bitches
People say my relationship won't work out and it is just a fantasy but I love him I know and he loves me, we fight so we can make up again and he likes to see me angry so he can cheer me up and he can...
Listen up girls I'm getting married in 6 weeks to a man I truly love !! I recently found out he cheated on me in the beginning of our relationship !! I read every text and cried so hard thinking Why?...
@Laura, sadly to say I know plenty of couples with the dreaded,"irreconcilable differences," that will stay together until the kids are adults.
I think staying for the kids is also inexcusable
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