Jaw Dropping 😱 Tips to Take You from Average πŸ˜• to Sex Bomb πŸ’£ ...

Appearances aren't everything but we all want to feel confident and sexy and there's nothing wrong with that! Holding your head up high and commanding attention when you waltz into the room might seem like a quality that some people are just born with but we all have it in us! That's right, we all have the sex kitten within us, we just have to unleash it. If you want to know how to feel more sexy and bold, keep reading for all juicy details!

1. Make Eye Contact

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Making direct eye contact is key when you're trying to get someone's attention and keep it. If your eye contact tends to shift a lot when you talk to someone, make a conscious effort to make eye contact. You don’t even have to be talking to someone to make eye contact. Next time, make eye contact with someone as you walk through the room. This is a sure way to command attention without even saying a word!

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