5 Kick Ass Ways to Overcome New Relationship Anxiety ...


Because we all only human and we have any number of insecurities and worries, the prospect of being in a brand new relationship can sometimes cause undue stress and anxiety. You might be coming out of a bad old relationship, you might be out of practise, you might think you are out of their league ... it could be any number of tricks that your mind is trying to play on you! Here are five ways to overcome new relationship anxiety.

1. What if Vs. What is

Instead of focusing all of your nervous energy and attention on the ‘what if’ questions, pay more mind to the facts of the matter and ‘what is’. Thinking too much about hypothetical problems that haven’t even happened yet is a losing game, and you will be much happier if you just focus on what you actually have at the moment with your new partner.

Guidance Anxiety Vs. Fear


Abby Adelhardt
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