5 Things to Consider before Agreeing to a Long Distance Relationship ...

Long-distance relationships. For some people is an inconceivable idea, for others a joke, for others a lifestyle. Some circumstances can drive a couple away. Maybe a job offer or a family issue can force one part of the couple to move away. When that happens there are only two ways to go in your love life. Break up or have a long distance relationship. This is a hard choice and here are some things that you need to consider before you make that decision.

1. Distance

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Obviously this is the first thing. Things might be a little easier when the distance is a short drive away or even a small train ride away but when the distance requires a long drive or a plane ride things might be a little trickier. Jumping on a plane to go see your partner might be more difficult than taking a drive. Besides the fact that traveling so often can tire you, there is also the financial aspect. A small trip no matter how small will require some money.

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