5 Things to Consider before Agreeing to a Long Distance Relationship ...


5 Things to Consider before Agreeing to a Long Distance Relationship ...
5 Things to Consider before Agreeing to a Long Distance Relationship ...

Long-distance relationships. For some people is an inconceivable idea, for others a joke, for others a lifestyle. Some circumstances can drive a couple away. Maybe a job offer or a family issue can force one part of the couple to move away. When that happens there are only two ways to go in your love life. Break up or have a long distance relationship. This is a hard choice and here are some things that you need to consider before you make that decision.

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Sky, Road, Highway, Freeway, Mode of transport, Obviously this is the first thing. Things might be a little easier when the distance is a short drive away or even a small train ride away but when the distance requires a long drive or a plane ride things might be a little trickier. Jumping on a plane to go see your partner might be more difficult than taking a drive. Besides the fact that traveling so often can tire you, there is also the financial aspect. A small trip no matter how small will require some money.


Physical Contact

Backlighting, Romance, Love, Forehead, Interaction, When you enter a long distance relationship you have to realize that physical contact would be limited. Sex or even a hug will be agreed upon from earlier. No one will be there when you need a small hug to get you through the day. Sex will be infrequent and although you might be looking forward to the passionate times when you are together, it can be hard to deal with the absence of physical contact for long periods of time. You need to make peace with that before you agree.



Gadget, White, Iphone, Smartphone, Mobile phone, Phone calls and video calls will only get you this far. Talking face to face is different. Always talking on the phone or taking video calls is not the same as having someone right there when you need them. A minor thing is also the finance on this one. You might end up paying a fortune on phone calls.



Interaction, Male, Love, Muscle, Romance, Jealousy exists in relationships often. When distance is added it might get a little overboard. When you live in the same city, you might be able to track your partner’s moves. You will eventually find out if he cheats or dates other people. But when you are in another town it can get harder and you might end up paranoid about it.



Photograph, Vacation, Beauty, Beach, Fun, When your partner is miles and miles away it is easy to forget that you actually are in a relationship. Someone might flirt with you and you forget everything. Or someone can flirt with your partner and he will also forget this minor detail of actually being in a relationship. None of you will necessarily cheat but when your partner is away it’s easy to forget.

Long distance relationships are not impossible but they definitely require more effort than a typical relationship. Many couples can’t handle it and end their relationship after a few months. But there are some lucky couples that find the golden line and manage it until time can bring them together again. Either way, the agreement of a long distance relationship requires an extensive conversation and a lot of discussion about the details. Think about it and then do whatever you think is best for you, your partner and the relationship you share.

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