Let's Talk πŸ’¬ about the C Word 🀐 : Facts about the Clitoris ...


Have you ever realised that in all of the sex education that you were given both by your parents and at school, the clitoris is something that is never given full attention? Sometimes, it's never even mentioned. Because society, in general, is so concerned with the science of reproduction, the education system, in particular, tends to forget about the central point of pleasure that a woman gets! It’s sad to think that there might be grown women out there who still don’t know much about an important part of their own body. Here are some essential facts about the clitoris.

1. Bigger than You Think

Your clitoris is definitely much bigger than you think it is! Most of it is actually hidden internally, with the average size being around four inches! The glans, which is the bit that you can usually see with a mirror, is usually only around 3mm wide and 5mm long.

Just like a Penis