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11 Ways to Know You're Ready to Have Sex with Your New Love Interest ...

By Sici

The first early stages of a new romance can be an equal mixture of excitement and anxiety. You are excited to start exploring things with this new person, but at the same time, you might be nervous about taking your relationship to the next level in an intimate and sexual way. Here are eleven ways to know you’re ready to have sex with your new love interest.

1 Body and Mind

The magic combination is when your body is aching for him, and in your mind you can’t think of a valid enough reason to keep waiting. This is a clear sign from your head and your heart that the green light is there and saying go go go!

2 Correct Expectations

You will know when it feels right because your expectations of being with him aren’t like something from a romance movie, they are just normal, basic expectations. This shows that your want for him isn’t some type of fantasy, it is real life.

3 Conversation

If you have both been open and clear about your desires to move forward and take things to the next level, then there's really no further need to wait. You have both expressed your verbal consent, so the next stage is to go for it.

4 Safety Talk

You should only be willing to have sex with someone when you have already had a mature and agreeable conversation about the ways that you want to be safe. Never jump into bed with someone unless you agree on every level.

5 Embrace the Awkward

You should feel happy about going to the next stage with him when you get to the point where you think you would be happy to deal with all of the awkward noises and situations that having sex naturally brings up!

6 Morning after

If you can close your eyes and picture the morning after with him without feeling awkward or like you would want to escape, then that is a clear sign that you are ready.

7 Chemistry

When the chemistry is right, then the chemistry is right! You know in your soul when you are clicking with someone more than usual, and there is no arguing with hormonal science!

8 Conversations

If you have had conversations with him about sex in general, and nothing weird or awkward has come up, then that is great sign that you are both on the same page.

9 Trust

There is no way that you can go to bed with him unless you trust him completely. So have a think about whether or not you have faith in him in other areas outside of the bedroom first.

10 Talk to Friends

Your friends are the people who love you the most, so it can pay off to get their opinion on the matter because all they care about is your well being and happiness.

11 Respect

If you think deep down that he respects you and isn’t just faking in order to try to get you in the sack quicker, then that is a good sign. Respect is one of the most important things when it comes to being vulnerable with someone in a sexual manner.

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