7 Little Known Ways to Keep a Guy Interested ...


Finding ways to keep a guy interested in you can be hard. Typically men want instant gratification and it’s hard to know exactly what they want from us. Even if you already have a man in your life you may still want to know ways to keep him interested. If this is you, check out my list of 7 little known ways to keep a guy interested.

1. Show Interest in the Things He Cares about

Let me start by saying, don’t be fake. Don’t pretend to know all about football or how to play golf if you are clueless. Guys love to talk about their hobbies. Ask questions and try to learn the game. He will appreciate you wanting to learn about something he cares about!

Show off Your Skills


So there's this guy that i really like and apparently he likes me back because maybe...uh... 2 weeks ago he asked me to this dance we have at school and he's super nice and he's really funny and cute ...
@Sheila, that's true. maybe I can add up some that he's probably wants to tell you the truth that he loves you but besides, he's testing you. see what I mean? so, you'd better say what you feel to him talk face to face. best luck !
Hey Ashley, Welcome to AWS! You need to tell him that he has to stop playing hot and cold. If he likes you and says he's going to ask you out, then what's taking him so long? Tell him that it's unfair...
I need advice, there is a guy who I really like, he is turning 17 and I am 15, we dated before but we drifted apart and now we are kind of coming back. He sais he is gonna ask me out but he doesnt, he...
btw, he broke up with me the first time we dated (if you didn't catch that already) because i didn't talk to him a whole lot.
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