7 Tips for Making Him More Romantic ...


7 Tips for Making Him More Romantic ...
7 Tips for Making Him More Romantic ...

While you may think your relationship is DOA in the sensuality department, perhaps what the Love Doctor ordered is just a few simple tips for making him more romantic. Yes, you’re right. Love is a two-way street in a perpetual construction zone. If you feel like you’re speeding down the highway but he’s stuck in reverse, here are some surefire tips for making him more romantic, and bringing out your inner Jackie Collins as well.

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Romance doesn’t only need to happen between putting the last dinner plate in the dishwasher and before Kimmel finishes his monologue. It’s the pulse of the relationship’s body. Why not give him the look you usually offer up on a Saturday night, when your legs are silky smooth, your breath is minty fresh, and the fireplace is slowly burning over the Monday morning coffee instead? It will make him wonder what you’re up to all day long… this is one of my best tips for making him more romantic. Try it!


Start Your Engine

Contrary to popular belief, you can lead a man to romance, and you CAN make him drink. What turns you on romantically? Whenever he knows your engine is revving, so will his. Instead of waiting for him to find the key, get yourself in gear, and watch how quickly he gets on track.


Cuisine D’amour

If you desire sweet nothings, delicious innuendos, and sumptuous caresses for a midnight snack, be the chef for a night. Use your favorite recipes, and watch him ask for more. Serve him your desire, and dessert will be on him.


Move It

Holiday hotel rooms seem to light a spark for which the bedroom at home just doesn’t hold a candle. It might just be the setting. Moving your bed kitty-corner could take your relationship to a whole new level.


The Butterfly Effect

Give your man a spa-day, guy-style. Suggest going to the new Matt Damon movie with his best bud. Give him your blessing to play 18 instead of 9 today. Send him to a poker run instead of a dinner out with the in-laws. Give him space to go away, and he’ll come back with the closeness you crave.

Famous Quotes

Men in general judge more from appearances than from reality. All men have eyes, but few have the gift of penetration.

Niccolò Machiavelli

Like the Corners of My Mind…

This may be one of the only ways where men and women are on the same page at the same time in the novella of life. We all love to be appreciated. Remind your guy of why you fell for him in the first place. How about going to the spot where you first kissed for a re-makeout session? Rent the movie that you went to on your first date? Write him a love note telling him that he still does it for you the way he did on your first night, and leave it on his bedside table. Tell him how you groove on him now as always will make him want you to always feel that way now AND always.


The Attempts Are Sometimes Greater than the Result

Okay, when you mentioned one of your fantasies was to have an intimate dinner feeding each other finger food, you didn’t imagine a bucket of wings at the kitchen table would be part of the equation. All great things have to start somewhere. If you let him know he’s on the right path, before you know it he may lead you to the Yellow Brick Road, Dorothy.

It may take some extra patience to help your man take these tips for making him more romantic and put them into practice. But when he sees the results of this romantic workout, he’ll never again miss a training session! Which of these ideas always ignites a spark? Do you have any other tips to share?

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Nice article but hard to understand since the vocabulary used is somehow general. I agree with one point the most which is to start being romantic myself. After that i can start to work on his side. Or maybe he will do the romance by himself

Not sure why this article is titled, getting him to be more romantic when all of these are about the woman doing all the work.....

Loved your use of rhetoric!

This was soooo helpful I'm constantly trying for my man to pick up the hint to be romantic sometimes lol. He try's sometimes I guess that's what has to count ;)

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