7 Most Common Mansplanations πŸ—― and How to Deal πŸ€” ...


If you aren't aware of what mansplaining is or you've never experienced it, you are lucky. Basically, what it means to mansplain is a mash-up of man and then explain. A lot of times, women won't even beware that they are being mansplained to, however, once you notice some of these tips and signs, you'll recognize it pretty quick. I've been on the receiving end of this so often, so I am a pro at how to deal with it.

1. Being Informed That You’ll like or Won’t like Something

If you really don't like something and you, as a confident woman know that you don't like it, why should a man force you to try it or explain all of the reasons why you should like it. This is one form of mansplaining that nobody should stand for. It basically is a demand that you give something a chance or a try 'knowing' that you'll like it, even though you know that you won't.

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