7 Reasons Men Leave Women That Are Completely Our Fault ...


7 Reasons Men Leave Women That Are Completely Our Fault ...
7 Reasons Men Leave Women That Are Completely Our Fault ...

Destiny decides the people you’re going to meet in your life, but it is only your heart that will choose the lasting ones. Regardless of how many times we trusted that he’s the only one - that no matter what we’ll tell him, he will listen and encourage, and will never do anything that hurts you, well, let's slow down a little bit.

I know men can be tough sometimes, however, certain undetected issues might trigger your man to leave. Of course every breakup happens differently, but here are the 7 top reasons why men broke up the relationship with you.

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Listening Too Little

meal, conversation, communication, drinking, eating, Everyone has the full right to speak and to be heard authentically in return. If your man has something on his mind, encourage him to speak up of it. We speak to embrace our thoughts, beliefs, ideas and arguments towards the public. Though our opinions might not always be right, they exist to open a new gate of eternity. It atomically becomes a sorrow that our voices don’t really matter.


Listening Too Much to Friends

headgear, product, adventurer, Most of the time, girls’ talk may brainwash our thoughts and perspectives of love. This is because we’ve grown up learning, mostly by Hollywood and romance novels, that love should always be romantic. But what we did not learn is that we’ll endure vulnerable struggle that usually decides our mature love. And that’s totally normal. Do not expect that your man will understand everything about you. Most importantly, don’t give your friends an acceptation ticket to judge your relationship. Besides, you know him more than they do.


Being Too Connected

blond, human hair color, girl, shoulder, leg, Even if you are together, there should always be space in your togetherness. Every one of you should have their own separable time to enjoy their habits, expose their talents, hanging out with friends or even sleeping, who knows. Don’t drag him to places where you’re going to sit and talk with your girl friends. He’ll probably dislike listening about fashion, nails and who x is dating.


Being Too Nosy

beauty, girl, For God’s sake, you don’t have to question deep and smallest details of his hang out with his friends. He is not a child and a relationship is supposed to carry trust. If you feel insecure, then discuss it with him.


Being Overly Independent

suit, outerwear, jeans, gentleman, standing, If you can do everything by your own, then why is he beside you? What’s the point of being together where you’re the one who’s taking control of everything?! You’ve got to share things together as a couple. And he’s got to feed his ego by feeling responsible and someone you can rely on him.


Being Too Dependent

eyebrow, skin, beauty, chin, cheek, There should be balance between dependency and independency. You are mature enough to handle your own decisions, so don’t act as a child and don’t expect him to take care of you. If you’re unable to maintain your own tasks, and if you rely on him to solve you everything, then bingo! You’re annoying him.


Being Too Rude

jeans, denim, outerwear, girl, pattern, Don’t you have anything inspiring to tell him? I know he might build too much chaos, but don’t you think he can accomplish something perfectly? Motivate him and have faith in him because he can achieve the inevitable. Give him a break and take back all your negative words to replace them with positive ones.

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@Sherlock true !

How do I make him understand that ?

If a man leaves because you are too independent then he was with you for the wrong reasons in the first place. If he maintains his masculinity by being in control all of the time, then his ego is the issue. You didn't need him before you were together.

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