7 Most Romantic First Date Ideas for Winter ...


Romantic First Date Ideas need to be simple yet elegant. You want to play up the romance without coming off to strong. Sometimes you need something low key, but sometimes more elaborate planning works well, too. It all depends on what works best for you and, of course, what you think your date might enjoy -- insofar as you know, of course, since it is a first date! The best romantic first date ideas offer a mix of romance and care-free whim. If you are looking for some great romantic first date ideas check out my 7 most romantic first date ideas for winter.

1. Poetry Reading

Poetry is romantic, right? You and your date can offer to share your own works or just sit back and listen to others. My advice is not to read anything you have written for or about an ex. Keep the mood light. Maybe share a poem about the silly things people do on a first date.

Roast Marshmallows


Winter is one of my favorite seasons summer is my other
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