7 Must-Have Life Skills That Will Make You a Dating Pro ...


I went to an amazing event recently – it was all about the must-have life skills that turn ordinary people into dating pros. You know, the people who seem to know their type instantly, and be able to find people who you’d guess they’d been with their whole life. Dating isn’t always fun – finding the right person to enjoy meals, cuddles on the sofa and ice-skating with can be a challenge, and downright depressing at times. Master these must-have life skills, though, and it all seems much easier, and much more natural. Have you perfected them?

1. Know Where You Are Going…

This really is one of the most underused must-have life skills! You wouldn’t get in your car without knowing where you were going, so don’t do it when you are dating, either. Do you want a long-term partner? A bit of fun? Do you want someone to travel the world with, or someone to settle down with? Decide what your end-game is, and you’ll find it much easier to work out if you are on the right track.

Know when to Say Goodbye…


Funner? Wow!
Good luck Maddy :)
@Maddy good luck!
But first I need to be brave enough to talk to the guy I like
I will try to use these
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