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Never Compare These Things about Your Relationship to Other Relationships ...

By Holly

No couple is ever going to be perfect, no matter how perfect they are for each other. After all, everyone has their strong points and their weak points. That's why you should stop paying attention to the way your friends act with their boyfriends. Their love lives shouldn't concern you. In fact, here are a few things you should never compare about your relationship and your friends' relationships:

1 How Many Expensive Gifts He Buys You

How Many Expensive Gifts He Buys You Love isn't measured with money. It doesn't matter if your friend received a diamond necklace for her anniversary when your boyfriend only wrote you a poem. It's the thought that counts, so she might be just as jealous of your gift as you are of her gift. That's why you should appreciate what you have without comparing your life to her life.

2 How Many Pictures They Share on Social Media

How Many Pictures They Share on Social Media Haven't you ever seen a couple post a series of romantic photos and then break up the next day? That proves that the amount of pictures and posts they share on social media has nothing to do with how happy they are. It's easy to fake your love on Facebook and Instagram, so don't believe everything you read.

3 How Long They've Been Together

How Long They've Been Together If you've never had a boyfriend for longer than a month, don't be jealous of your friend and her husband. Short relationships can be even more fun and meaningful than long relationships. You can't judge a couple's happiness based on their time together, because some people refuse to move on when they should've left years ago.

4 How Often They Go on Dates

How Often They Go on Dates Yes, it's important for you and your boyfriend to go out on the town. However, you don't need to leave the house every single weekend. If you're both broke, you can't compare your relationship to your rich friend who takes hot air balloon rides with her boyfriend. Watching Netflix on the couch can be just as much fun when you're with the right person.

5 How Well They Get along with Each Other's Parents

How Well They Get along with Each Other's Parents It's every girl's dream to find a mother-in-law she won't hate. After all, you're going to have to deal with her during every holiday. However, some people just get lucky. That's why you shouldn't assume something's wrong with you, just because his mom hates you while all of your friends get along with their boyfriend's mothers. Every family is different.

6 How Often They Have Sex

How Often They Have Sex If you're happy having sex once a week, then don't try to increase the amount of intercourse, just because your friend claims she does it every single day. Do whatever you feel the most comfortable doing. The quality beats the quantity, anyway.

7 How Cute They Look Together

How Cute They Look Together You can't tell much by looking at a couple. Even if they look like the perfect match, they might be miserable together. That's why you shouldn't pay too much attention to the way that you look to the strangers that pass by. Anyone who actually knows the two of you already realizes that you're an amazing couple.

At the end of the day, if you two are happy, that's all that matters. Do you ever find yourself comparing your relationship to the other couples you see?

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