7 of the Most Common Dating Mistakes ...


Let's face it, nobody wants to admit to making any mistakes, let alone dating mistakes. Especially when everything else in your life is going well! No worries; you'll become a better player in the dating game soon enough. Here are 7 of the most common dating mistakes that everyone makes, including myself! Do you see any dating mistakes that you might have made in the past?

1. You Move Too Fast

Now, I'm not just referring to sex, although slowing down and getting out of the bedroom can only help you to become a better dater. It's all about taking time to cultivate a relationship, the natural way. Sort of like growing the sweetest fruits and veggies, or making the best Thanksgiving meal ever, these things take time! You'd never rush the turkey out of the oven before it's fully cooked, not matter how it looks, right?

You Didn't Check His Background


Tyjuana W.
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Heather Jensen
He's actually just saying that he is happy at that moment. :)
when u write a text to a guy friend about what u up to and he replys with :-), what is he saying?
especillay like when your moving next year and you wait til the month it's time for you to go and he gets mad becasue you told your man too late.
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