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7 Grounds Not to Give up on Finding Love ...

By Alison

Anyone can find love; it´s never too late and there is someone for everyone. Yet too often we convince ourselves that it´s never going to happen. We tell ourselves that we are not loveable, or that we don´t want to be hurt again. Don´t despair – and certainly don´t give up on finding love! Here are some wonderful reasons why anyone can find love ...

1 Never Too Old

It really is true that anyone can find love. Don´t believe that the time has passed you by – you really are never too old. Some couples even meet in nursing homes! They certainly didn´t believe that it was too late for them. So don´t tell yourself that you´ll never meet someone and be happy.

2 If You Think You Won´t …

Have you ever heard the phrase ´self-fulfilling prophecy´? That´s when you believe a negative message so strongly that you make the very thing you fear happen. If you believe that you are unloveable or won´t meet anyone, you´ll give off a negative image – and that isn´t attractive. So don´t make it happen to you – or rather, not happen.


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3 Someone for Everyone

It really is true that there is someone for everyone. It doesn´t matter if you´re not the best-looking person, or the richest, or the smartest. What is important is that finding the person who thinks that you are the most beautiful girl ever. Anyone can find love, so don´t tell yourself otherwise.

4 Belief

If you´re going to find love, then you really have to believe it. Of course, someone can come into your life when you least expect it, but it´s far more likely if you are open and willing to believe that it will happen. Give off a positive, confident air, and you will come across as an attractive, interesting and positive person that people will want to get to know.

5 You´re Worth It

Do you think that you don´t deserve to find love, or that no-one will find you attractive? Don't give up on finding love. We are often given negative messages (including from ourselves), and made to feel that we are not worthy of being loved. But of course you are! Keep telling yourself this, and you will start to absorb the message that you do deserve to be loved.

6 It´s out There

You might feel like love is never going to happen for you, but it is out there. We all have someone out there who would make a great partner for us. In fact, there are lots of someones! There are so many great guys out there, and just because we have been disappointed in love once (or several times) does not mean that we can never love again.

7 Rewarding

The final reason not to give up on finding love is that when you do so, it is incredibly rewarding. Finding someone who really loves you is amazing, and it will happen if you have faith. So trust that you will meet someone who is great for you, and your trust will pay off.

If you think that you´re destined to remain forever single, then don't give up on finding love. Think back to the last time a relationship fell apart; you were probably convinced that you´d never meet anyone again. Remember this message: anyone can find love. Whatever your age, looks, career or situation, there is nothing to prevent you meeting someone wonderful. Did you ever find love when you were convinced that it would never happen for you?

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