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17 R-Rated Date Ideas for the Sexually Active ...

By Holly

You don't have to spend your dates out at fancy restaurants or going to the cinema. There are plenty of other ways to spend your time, especially if you're willing to get down and dirty. If you're sexually active, here are a few R-rated date ideas that you might enjoy:

1 Take a Pole Dancing Class

Take a Pole Dancing Class If you want to impress your man, you can take a pole dancing class. He'll love watching you move your body around.

2 Throw a Sex Toy Party

Throw a Sex Toy Party You've probably been to a tupperware party, but did you know that there are also sex toy parties? Get together your couple friends and throw one together.

3 Watch Pornography Together

black, black and white, image, photography, darkness, Instead of watching a romantic movie, you can just turn on some pornography. It'll get you both in the mood for sex.

4 Go Bar Hopping

Go Bar Hopping If you want to let loose, you can visit a bar. Once it gets boring, head to another bar.

5 Go to a Wine Tasting

Go to a Wine Tasting If you want to get drunk, but want to feel classy while doing it, go to a wine tasting together. It'll make you feel like mature adults while still allowing you to have fun.

6 Play Strip Poker

Play Strip Poker Get out a deck of cards and challenge your man to a game of poker. If you don't know how to play, you can always play strip Go Fish instead.

7 Have Sex in Public

Have Sex in Public If you want to do something risky, try having sex in a public place. Just don't get caught, because it's something you could get fined over.

8 Book a Hotel Room

Book a Hotel Room If you want to have sex someplace new, you can rent a hotel room for the night. That way, you'll have complete privacy.

9 Go Skinny Dipping

Go Skinny Dipping If you have a pool, or if there's a beach nearby, you two can take your clothes off and jump in.

10 Visit a Sex Shop

Visit a Sex Shop You don't actually have to buy anything at an adult shop. Just browse through the toys and lingerie that they have.

11 Go to a Strip Club

Go to a Strip Club If you're not the jealous type, you can visit a strip club with your partner.

12 Read an Erotic Novel

Read an Erotic Novel Pick up an erotic novel and take turns reading aloud. If the sex scenes are steamy enough, it'll put you both in the mood for sex.

13 Play a Sexual Board Game

Play a Sexual Board Game There are sexual board games that you can buy online. They'll urge you to do sensual things that you've never tried before.

14 Go on a Naked Date

Go on a Naked Date If you're going to stay in, you can have a naked date. No clothing allowed.

15 Sketch Each Other Naked

Sketch Each Other Naked If you love the Titanic, then you'll love this idea. Get out a sketchbook and draw pictures of each other in the nude.

16 Visit a Massage Parlor

Visit a Massage Parlor If you don't think you can give your man a proper massage, then you can go to the parlor together. When you come out, you'll feel more relaxed than ever.

17 Exercise in the Nude

Exercise in the Nude Try doing yoga together while naked. When he sees you doing the downward dog, he's going to go crazy.

There are plenty of sexy things for you two to do together. What other R-rated dates have you been on in the past?

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