7 Pieces of Advice to Change Your Dating Life from Now on ...

By Alicia

Do you want to know how to change your dating life from how it is currently going? Sometimes it is a good idea to take a look and see what you can do differently. This is especially true if your dating life seems to be lacking or just not going well. Try these ways to change your dating life for the better.

1 Stop Sending out the Desperate Vibe

One thing you must do that will help enormously to change your dating life is to stop sending out the desperate vibe. Appearing desperate will repel men. Men do not want anything to do with a woman that is clingy, needy or in any way desperate to have them. Confidence is what attracts them and what keeps them. Change this tactic and see how it changes your dating life.

2 Hold Back a Little

Women can be too anxious to be open and share their past and the future they are dreaming of. If a guy asks you out on a second date, don’t begin picturing the two of you as married with children. See it for what it is, a second date. Hold back your future expectations till you have a reason to have them, and keep a little mystery about yourself.

3 Let Him Chase You

Ladies, here is a secret. Men like the chase. Yes, this is old fashioned but it still works. This is not to say you can never call or text him. Just make sure that he is doing most of the pursuing.

4 Say Yes More Often

You may be throwing a lot of wonderful men away by saying no to them. Give more guys a chance. You don’t have to go out again, but you never know. You may just find the guy you have been dreaming of if you say yes to a date.

5 Reevaluate Your Standards

Standards are very important. This is absolutely true. But you may need to reevaluate them. Have high standards in the areas that matter most; this would be areas of trust, responsibility, character and integrity. And you certainly need chemistry and attraction, but don’t write someone off because their nose is a little crooked or their hair is cut in a way you don’t like. When you really fall in love with someone, your chemistry keeps going because you love the person they are on the inside.

6 Listen to Others

Love really is blind. When you care for someone, you may be overlooking some things about them that others can see. This is why it is really important to listen to the insight of those that you value the opinion of. Additionally, don’t wait until they offer it. Ask them what they think and listen carefully.

7 Be Alert for Red Flags

As much as you can, go into relationships with an open mind. Realize that the person you are dating is flawed. Keep your eyes open for those flaws. Some flaws are ones that you can absolutely tolerate. There are others that need to be deal breakers, such as having a problem with anger, gambling or drugs and alcohol.

These 7 pieces of advice can absolutely change your dating life. Have you ever received a piece of advice that changed everything about your dating life? Please share that with us!

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