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11 Awesome Ways to Get the Love Life You Really Want ...

By Lane

When you reach a certain point in your relationship, you realize what you do and don't want, which is why it's important to learn some awesome ways to get the love life you really want. Love encompasses a wide spectrum of elements, including intimacy, mutual respect, and understanding. Anyone can fan the bed covers, but it's a far different thing to find a true, honest connection. Let's discuss the awesome ways to get the love life you really want.

1 Communication

Expressing yourself is essential to finding new ways to get the love life you really want. Remaining silent will not prevent him from leaving his dirty socks under your coffee table. And it definitely will not get that toilet seat down any faster. Speak up, girl, and tell him what you do want and what you won't tolerate.

2 Cuddle Time

Cuddle time is essential to all great relationships. I don't care if he isn't a fan of it or spooning, for that matter, while your cats bounce around the headboard. Yes, cats, I have five. Tell him, you want to be cuddled! You can even compromise a small amount to get these warm and snuggly moments. Perhaps, you can agree not to roll your eyes, when he screams at the TV when he declares that he could've made that play at the end of the fourth quarter better than the entire offensive line of his favorite team.


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3 Reinvent Your Teen Years

If you get the feeling of becoming a teenager again, just go with it. I don't mean that you should forget your responsibilities or anything like that. Don't try to move back in with your parents. Chances are, your old room is an office or your mom's new craft outlet. However, it's fun to reinvent yourself by embracing your inner child. If you and yours can channel a little bit of nostalgia, you can keep your relationship fresh and entertaining.

4 “I'm Looking for Corny in My Life.”

Channeling a little bit of Old Hollywood once in a while is great. Classic films like “Roman Holiday” and “Casablanca” ring in the notion of respecting a lady. However, it's more fun when you can come up with your own corny lines to replace the elegant dialog offered in these movies. Corny is awesome!

5 Why so Serious?

Life has plenty of moments in which seriousness is vital. To become truly happy in life means not to become so serious that you can't enough the little moments in life. However, balance is necessary. Too much on either side may leave you frustrated. For instance, you don't want a romantic partner who is too silly to take the utility bills seriously. However, at the same time, you don't want someone who needs to retract the stick, if you know what I mean.

6 Every Day like It's Your Last

You can't cram everything you always wanted to do into one day. But, it's important to do all the things you want to do in life. If you find someone whose personality best matches your own, and they are willing to walk beside you when you take on the challenge of your bucket list, then you definitely have a keeper. It's not every day that you find a man that will play dress up at the Renaissance Festival and perform the karaoke version of your favorite Celtic song.

7 Dinner; It's Not Always Your Job!

Men who cook are awesome! They also make life easier. I have a great respect for men who don't confine you to the 1950's ideals where women are expected to cook every meal. In my opinion, men who know their way around a kitchen are much more attractive. Now if he can master the recipe for Carabos' chicken marsala, then it's all aces!

8 Men Who Shop—They do Exist

I lucked up in this respect. One of the many things that my guy loves about me is my ability to find bargains on high-end items. He and I search e-Bay, thrift stores, etc. to find great deals. He loves a good find as much as I do. Now, the mall is a different story, but then again, shopping in the mall is not my calling either.

9 Opposites Attract

Again, I understand completely the ferocity of magnet-level attraction. It's fun and carefree, but unless you have the right balance, it might fizzle out as fast as it started. Find some form of common ground and build a strong foundation. I get that the tech support guy is adorable with his black frame glasses and his “I heart Star Wars” coffee mug, but if you don't share the same love and admiration for all things Linux or Skywalker you might not have a love connection. Comic-con isn't for everyone; especially if the force just isn't with you.

10 Spicy!

You can keep things spicy, by introducing new concepts. Being intimate is not only about being physical, it involves a closeness that forms a true bond between the two of you. The physical part is a lot of fun, don't get me wrong, and it burns off all of the calories from those Mackey D's chicken nuggets and fries at warp speed. But to stay happy, keep all concepts of your relationship spicy and intriguing.

11 Real Signs of Love

Real signs of love aren't the typical, “Wow; he brought me flowers,” type of deals. However, that is a sweet thing to do. No, I'm telling you, if a man is willing to clean the litter box on his own accord, when you have five cats, that man loves you! Equally, if he goes to the store to buy feminine hygiene products for you, he's a keeper.

Getting what you want is not a difficult task, if you know what you want in the first place. Don't get me wrong, you can't have it your way all the time; it has to be fair for both of you. What are some techniques you have used to achieve the love life you really wanted?

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