7 Ways to Maintain High Standards and Still Find Love ...


Every woman should know that there are ways to maintain high standards and still be realistic about her options. You should never settle for a man, because you don't think that there is anyone left out there that can compete with him. There are plenty of men that would love to be with you, so you shouldn't be with one you know you don't actually want. Here are some simple ways to maintain high standards, and still be realistic with your desires:

1. Only Waver a Little

After dating a few guys, you should be able to figure out what you want in a partner. There are certain things that you should waver on (like if you want a boy with brown hair, but find one with blonde), but other things that you should never settle for (like an alcoholic if you're dedicated to being with someone sober). One of the ways to maintain high standards is to figure out what aspects are the most important in a partner, and never settle for someone without them.

Realize What Real Men Are


my mother basically makes me feel like the absolute opposite of the lesson in this article. She believes I've ruined my life all because I've waited to get married. I'm 28, and I'm going insane. I love with her because she can't live alone and every day is painful.
"believe you're lovable" .. the hardest for me 😩
Great read! :)
Am still looking 😊
great articleπŸ‘Œ
love it!!
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