12 Random Places to Meet Guys ...


12 Random Places to Meet Guys ...
12 Random Places to Meet Guys ...

Ever feel like all the good guys are gone? Well, maybe that's because you just aren't looking for them in all the right places! There are many random places to meet guys that don't occur to many girls to check! Here is your official guy GPS, my list of 12 random places to meet guys will lead you straight to an eligible hottie! So keep reading, and then hurry up so you can get there while the gettin' is good!

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Fitness Boot Camps

Fitness boots camps are great places to meet guys. Bonus: you benefit physically as well. Now who doesn't want that? Sign up for one with several sessions so you can see the guys more than once. That's a sure fire way to get your foot in the door! Another bonus to doing a fitness boot camp? They are super trendy right now so you will appear cool and in the know.


Apple Store

Ever walk past the Apple store and see how jam packed they are with guys? Hot guys work there, and hot guys shop there. And most guys love to go in there just to play with the iPads on display. So how about you get your pretty on, then just nonchalantly stroll into an Apple store and take a gander at all the, er, products in there!


Real Estate Company

You don't have to be in the market for a new house to pull off this little technique! Head to the website of a local real estate company. All of the agents will have their names, photos, and email addresses listed. Once you've picked out the lucky few, shoot them a message and book appointments to view their listings. They never have to know you don't actually intend to buy of course!


Luxury Car Dealerships

One of the best random places to meet guys are luxury car dealerships. Little known fact, lots of guys hit up showrooms just to drool over sweet rides! Who says girls can't drool too? No one has to know that you are not drooling over the same thing everyone else has their eye on.


Animal Rescue Volunteer

Here is another random place to meet guys - volunteer with an animal rescue organization and sign up to work an adoption table at local festivals and farmers markets. Not only will dudes approach you, but you will have a perfectly good reason to chat with any gorgeous hunks who happen to be strolling right by! After all, who can resist cuddly little doggies and kitties?


Coffee Tastings

I've always been a fan of Starbucks, but for a single girl who loves coffee, what could be better than coffee and a hottie? Pretty good mix right there! Coffee tastings have been pretty big recently, and most of the guys who attend are classy, totally approachable and very tasteful. Well, guess you'd have to be tasteful to attend a coffee tasting, huh?


Guitar Shops

I don't know if you've ever noticed, but a guitar shop is the perfect place to catch a dude. Most guys that work there are musicians, and a lot of other guys will come in to buy stuff, shop around, or have something looked at. If you don't play yourself, pretend to be shopping for a brother or a friend. Stop in there every so often, and odds are, you're bound to bump into somebody sooner or later!


Ski Trip

Plan a ski trip with your girls! One of the absolute best random places to meet guys are ski resorts! Why? Because the guys out number the girls 5 to 1 on a general basis. Wowza! So grab your skis and get ready to spend a few chilly days - and warm nights!


Hospital Cafeteria

Do you dig male doctors and nurses? Here's a really random place to meet guys: the hospital cafeteria! Docs with crazy busy schedules will often grab lunch there instead of dashing to the nearest McDonald's. And just fancy meeting you there huh? If you don't think you could just wonder in there for no reason, volunteer at the hospital or visit a few elderly patients that may be lonely.


5K Runs

Many guys are big runners these days, and it's no wonder, running is one of the top workouts and best ways to stay fit! If you run yourself, sign up to run a 5K and you may meet a cutie. If you don't run, stand at the end of the line and cheer the guys on as they finish. They will probably hang around to catch their breath and there's your opportunity girl!


Company Picnics

Now that summer is here, many companies will be hosting picnics and bashes. Why not tag along with your brother or cousin and just see who they work with? You never know what young hunks they may have been hiding all this time! And if you do spy someone, but don't have the guts to ask them out, you can blackmail your family member into setting you up on a date with the "cute guy from his work!"


The Gym

Yeah, you already know the gym is a great place to nab guys. But here's a tip I bet you never thought of - get to know one of the personal trainers and attend her classes regularly. Chances are, she's at the gym enough to know which guys are cute and friendly and how often they show. Maybe she will clue you in on who to hit on and when to hit!

See? There are a ton of cool, random places to meet guys you might never have thought of. Maybe your search for Mr. Right won't be too much longer now. What random places to you frequent to meet guys?

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I think that Church is a pretty random place. I mean, I am Christian, I go to Church to worship Jesus and listen to the Pastor's message/sermon. But there is actually quite a few interesting cute Church guys there too. ;D The current boy that I like is Christian.. which makes everything all the better. ^_^

Library! It's a great place to find cute guys, if you like the smart, book-ish type ;)

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