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By Alison

Love hurts and it can be challenging to find positive quotes for your love life that you connect with especially when things go wrong in that part of your life. I like to think of my life as segments: family and friends, career, home and of course, love life (not necessarily in that order)! Everyone needs love to help sustain them and strengthen the other parts of their life and when our love life suffers, the other components tend to suffer too. These quotes for your love life are philosophical, but they'll help you seek the truth especially if your heart's been recently broken.

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About Barriers

human action,text,person,font,morning, Quotes for your love life can be inspirational like this one by Rumi, the 13th Century Persian poet. There are so many relationships that fail because we forget to realize that we see our true selves reflected back at us in the person we’re in a relationship with. Relationships are essentially mirrors and therefore, when we’re resisting, we’re actually coming up against parts of ourselves and the walls that we’ve built around us. Something in the other person is triggering those blocks and walls within our own self. Go deep and work on your own personal resistances and blocks, for anything you resist persists! Self-acceptance is key and will ultimately help you dissolve your blocks.


Love Vs. Hate

human action,text,person,font,biology, It’s a universal fact that when we seek revenge or have an enemy in our midst, life becomes a lot more burdensome. If we consciously make a choice to think positively, seek the divine in others and rise above the negativity of hatred, our life will improve and we’ll feel much lighter. In turn, we’ll be able to attract more of what we want in life, which is happiness and more positive people that exude love.


The Brave?

It Works Distributor,text,cartoon,advertising,pattern, When we truly love someone or something, we’re proving to ourselves that we can be courageous and take risks - well you know what they say, “no risk, no reward!” Sometimes those risks don’t always pan out, but if we don’t try, we’ll never know. As the Roman poet, Ovid states, those that are brave tend to have more luck, for the more you give, the more you get. So dream big and be prepared to fail.


Love is...

text,font,poster,advertising,brand, This is so true and I think the same goes when you meet a friend or anyone for that matter; this quote isn’t exclusive to lovers. The other person you meet is opening up a side of yourself and giving you a part of your soul that you didn’t know you were missing! In fact, your souls are the same, you appear in them and them in you. Life is essentially learning about yourself and through the process of loving someone else, in turn it helps you to find out more about yourself.


Piglet & Pooh

JB,toy,teddy bear,stuffed toy,If, So cute! I love how this quote captures the essence of what everyone’s secretly wishing. Who doesn't want someone to love and accept them enough that they'll spend every minute of their lives together, forever?

Famous Quotes

If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well.

Warren Buffett

Who I Am

text,font,handwriting,brand,commemorative plaque, Maybe it’s the giggly teenage side of us that comes out or the foolish little child that can’t stop craving attention when we’re in love. Love makes us do things that we regret, but for the most part (and those we’re closest to can attest), when we’re in love, a greater side of us comes out of us, our happy side, and that’s the side of ourselves we’re falling in love with when we're in love.


Give It Away

Mather LifeWays,text,font,handwriting,line, Each time we love, our capacity for love becomes greater. Every heartbreak makes us stronger. Some people say they have so much love to give and wish they could fall in love in order to give someone else a piece of their heart. Remember to love yourself first and then love someone else with all your heart. It is one of the most important things in life to learn how to give out love and then to be able to let it come back in.

Reading quotes can really bring a lot of joy to your day. Try to read some of these positive quotes when your heart has been broken by love. Love can be hard to capture into words, but these artists, poets and leaders have done a fantastic job. What are some quotes about love that keep you positive with your love life?

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I love this.

never heard the one about when u meet someone and they'd tell u something new about yourself! cool & true.

The Winnie the Pooh one is so sweet :)

Yes strength and self esteem love yourselves

" love is what you make it" - (I don't know the author)

When love is your greatest weakness, you will be the strongest person in world. Garman Wold