7 Ways to Impress Him by Being Yourself ...

By Holly

When you have a crush on a guy, there are tons of ways to impress him. Your first instinct may be to try to act like the girls you see on TV, but you shouldn’t pretend to be someone else. Believe it or not, you’re pretty darn special, and there are ways to impress him by being your beautiful self.

Table of contents:

  1. show off skills
  2. internal qualities
  3. external qualities
  4. common connections
  5. pursue your passion
  6. brag a bit
  7. it pays to be nice

1 Show off Skills

You’re good at something, and you know it. It could be telling jokes, or drawing, or singing. Whatever it is, find a way to show your crush your talent. If he sits next to you in class, draw a picture that’s so fabulous, it’s bound to catch his attention. If you’re older, ask him to go to the karaoke bar with you, and then show off your fantastic vocal skills. One of the best ways to impress him is by finding something you’re already good at, and comfortable doing, and showing him how it’s done.

2 Internal Qualities

You know what your best qualities are. If you’re intelligent, start up a conversation about something that will flaunt your smarts. If you’re athletic, challenge him to a game of basketball. Put yourself into a situation that will benefit you. Don’t volunteer to help him fix his car if you’ve never looked at an engine before. Play up your strengths.

3 External Qualities

It’s no surprise that men enjoy gazing at gorgeous women. Just like your internal traits, you have some great external traits. What part of your body are you most confident about? If you love your legs, wear a great pair of shorts around him. If you think you have beautiful eyes, wear make-up that will make them stand out even more. Draw attention to the things you like, and you’ll know he’ll love what he sees too.

4 Common Connections

If you have something in common with him, it’s bound to build a connection. Something simple like loving Doctor Who will lead to hours of conversation. He’ll be impressed that you’ve watched so many episodes, and know fun facts about the actors. You don’t have to do something spectacular in order to capture his attention. Little things, like shared interests, work just as well.

5 Pursue Your Passion

Don’t you love hearing your friends talk about something they’re passionate about? Even if they love music, and you can’t play a note, it’s nice to see them get excited about something. Try talking to your crush about whatever your passion is. If you’re excited about it, it can make him excited about it as well. Just don’t go on for too long if you see him starting to nod off.

6 Brag a Bit

No one likes to hear someone brag about their accomplishments every chance that they get. However, if you once won a short story contest, and the topic comes up in conversation, don’t be afraid to mention your win. As long as you don’t go overboard, and stay modest, it should impress any guy.

7 It Pays to Be Nice

It sounds silly, but men are impressed by genuinely nice women. Unfortunately, it's rare to spot someone that actually cares about others. If you treat your teachers, coworkers, and waiters with respect, you just might impress him enough to score a date.

As long as you're true to yourself, you can't go wrong. Any guy that doesn't like you for you doesn't deserve you. What is the most impressive thing that someone can do that will get your attention?

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