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7 Ways to Keep Him Interested in You ...

By Keith

Relationships are work, and sometimes it can be hard to find ways to keep him interested in you. It's no fun to get into a rut or to become stale. Sometimes it just takes a little ingenuity and thinking on how to spice things up. One of the biggest mistakes an individual can make, whether man or woman, is to stop trying in a relationship once it has been "won" or begun. Just because two people decided to be together is not signed and sealed that it will stay that way. So, here are seven ways to keep him interested in you.

1 Spice up Your Bedroom Life

This is probably the most obvious, but has to be said. It seems there are only so many ways to tango, but there can always be something new. Most couples do eventually make their bedroom life just that, so maybe take it out of the bedroom. Do you always seem to do it at the same time of day or certain day of the week? Break that schedule! Ask your more daring friend for tips too. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to ways to keep him interested.

2 Switch Roles when It Comes to Asking for It

Personally I've been in relationships that go either way. But one thing is for sure, most people are either dominant or submissive in showing they are interested in getting it on with their partner. A break from the norm can be an awesome treat. Even better is the non-verbal, all physical approach that tells me she wants it, now.

3 Make a Conscious and Obvious Effort to Create Couple Time

Find a sitter for the kids, take a day off work, whatever it takes. Make dedicated couple time, without anyone else involved. But here is the kicker: make him part of the planning process. Sure, it is fun to create a surprise night, and if you can pull that off by all means do. But making him part of the planning process gets his mind into that mode, which also means he is thinking about you!

4 Make Him the Most Interesting Thing to You Whenever Possible

Ask about his day at work, talk with him about his dreams, ambitions, hopes and fears. Whatever shows him that you really are interested in his world outside of your relationship with him. But this has to come naturally. Just asking "how was your day?" and then tuning out to whatever response he has will be noticed. So if the household is just too hectic when he comes home, don't make that the time. Wait until the kids are in bed, or some other time where you can give him your undivided attention.

5 Don't Make Him Compete for Your Love and Attention

Whether it be the kids, the dog, your mom, or your hobby, he knows these things are important to you. But try to find a way to make him a priority in your life as well. He'll never ask you to choose him over those things (at least he shouldn't) but he needs to know he has equal standing. He may need to hear you say to the kids, or your mom, or whoever, "Hey, I'll have to catch you later, I need to spend time with..."

6 Prepare His Favorite Meal

It has often been said "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach," and it is true. Maybe he really likes that one thing you make, or maybe he has a favorite restaurant you can take him out to. Chances are you don't share the same tastes as him, and that can be a good thing. He might just want that greasy burger from that place you hate. But showing him you can be flexible once in a while can go miles.

7 Push Your Comfort Zone (or His!)

Whether it is in the bedroom, or some extreme sport, or just trying something new for dinner, getting out of the daily rut together can be exhilarating and freeing. Maybe you won't like what happens, but at least you now know, and you experienced it together. And someday you may have some great stories to tell the grandchildren, or to hide from them!

Keeping a relationship interesting is really a two way street. Neither partner should become blasé, but now you know a few things that might help even if one or both of you have. There really are many other ways to keep him interested in you. What are your ways of keeping the spice alive?

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