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7 Things That Won't Make Him like You Less ...

By Holly

Despite what you think of the male mind, there are things that won’t make him like you less. You don’t have to act like Little Miss Perfect all of the time, because your partner knows that you’re a real woman, not some photoshopped image on a page. Don’t worry, because even the things you worry about the most are things that won’t make him like you less.

1 Differing Opinions

You don’t have to share his love for barbecuing and beef. Having different opinions is one of the things that won’t make him like you less. After all, he doesn’t want you to be an exact replica of him. You aren’t supposed to be the same. Sure, it’s great to have things in common, but your differences are what makes things exciting. Don’t be afraid to voice your own opinion.

2 Your Natural State

When you wake up or step out of the shower, it seems like all of your flaws are visible. You don’t have make-up on, and your hair is a mess--it’s not something that you ever want him to see. However, men know that you’re not going to look perfect all of the time. He won’t mind seeing you in your natural state. Chances are, he’ll think you look great just the way you are.

3 Your Family

Any guy worth having won’t judge you on your family. Yes, it’s awesome when your parents get along with him however, you can’t control other’s opinions. He’ll understand that your parents aren’t a mirror image of you. You’re different people, and aren’t necessarily going to turn out the same way. Never be ashamed of your family, because the right guy won’t judge you on your genes.

4 Your past Mistakes

In some cases, your past will interfere with your future. However, if you meet an amazing guy and prove to him that you won’t make the same mistakes as you used to, he shouldn’t have an issue with your past. Everyone has memories that they’re not proud of. It’s human nature to make mistakes. He’s well aware that you’re not the only one.

5 Experience

The right guy won’t care if you’ve kissed hundreds of other boys or none at all. If you’re not the most skilled kisser, he’ll help you change that. If you’re already great at it, good for you! He can bask in your talent.

6 Your Job

As long as you’re attempting to support yourself, he shouldn’t care what job you hold. Whether you’re a teacher with a PhD or a bartender at a fancy restaurant, he should be proud. If you’re trying your best, how could he complain? All that matters is that you’re doing something with your life, or at least heading in the right direction.

7 Your Weight

This is something we all worry about, but your perfect man won’t care at all. Of course he’ll want you to be healthy, but he won’t mind if you gain a pound or two. He’s with you for your personality, not your looks. As long as you’re still the fun loving, sweet girl he fell in love with, he won’t care what the scale says.

The most important thing you can do is be yourself. Do you worry about any of these things affecting your current or future relationship?

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