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Ever wonder how your date is going, but have no idea what is going on his mind? These 10 ways to tell how your first meeting is going by his body language will clear that up for you! The way a person presents his body says a lot more than the words coming out of his mouth. Most of the time, body language is an unconscious action emitting the truth behind his feelings when his words aren't. These 10 ways to tell how your first meeting is going are here to help you fill in the blanks.

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He Positions His Chest and Shoulders towards You

The first of the ways to tell how your first meeting is going is all about position. However a man positions his upper body is the most important thing to him at that moment. Whether there is a keg, another hottie, or he isn't even talking to you, but his chest and shoulders are aimed right at you, his attention is truly set on you. If you got his upper body you got him!


He Gives You a Piercing Gaze

This is a confusing body language that some guys like to use to play with you. In most circumstances, you would assume he is smitten by you, but in reality he could just be playing you. Holding eye contact for more than five seconds is actually an unnatural instinct, so a forced gaze could just be a tactic to get you into bed or make you think he is more interested than he is. If it doesn't last longer, he definitely could be hooked by you!


A Cheesy and Sleazy Grin

This is clear body language for a "hit it and quit it" hook up. When a guy is being cheesy and has a half smile on his face it is a clear indication he isn't being genuine with you. Think of a half smile as double sided. He is acting like he is interested, when really he just can't wait to get your clothes off for a night.


His Thumb Hangs from Belt or Pockets

A lot of people mistake this gesture as a way to hide nerves, when really he is just hot and bothered by you. His only goal is to subconsciously aim your attention to his assets. Don't take it as him just wanting you for a good time. He actually likes you and is wanting to feel enough for you. He is hoping you want to be with him sexually as much as he wants to be with you.


Keeps Toes Pointed toward Each Other

This body language sign shows how insecure the guy you're talking to is. If he is sitting or stands with his toes pointed toward each other he needs some reassurance that you are interested. Don't worry about coming off as a crazy girl to this one, but make sure you know you're getting involved with a sensitive one and will probably have to build up his ego a lot!


Softly Closed Mouth Grin

A man who has a soft closed mouth grin when he talks to you is someone to definitely be interested in! He is thinking about how he genuinely likes you, but doesn't want to come on too strong or show too much. His coy body language is playful, without having an agenda. This is a guy who knows how to show his emotions just the right way!


The Head Tilt

If you are ever out and afraid to approach a guy first, the head tilt is your green light. It is pretty much the come hither move for men the same way a girl uses a playful grin and hair flip. Don't wait for eye sex anymore, go for the guy who looks at you with a cocked head.


A Devilish Smirk

This is the man you are going to have to play hard to get with. He likes a challenge and is all about being playful. Use that sarcastic wit, playful humor, and backhanded compliments to catch this one. Use him as a mirror and what he puts out to you, throw it right back at him!


Just Friends Smile

When a guy smiles with his top lip stretched wide and his front teeth just barely peeking through he is giving you a polite signal that the romantic spark may not be there. Unconsciously he is looking at you to see if you both click, but the smile on his face is saying, "just friends". Don't try and push it; once you are friend zoned by a male, it is not going anywhere else.


His Stance

Most guys don't even realize how they are standing when they are with you. This goes back to early times when mens' legs are spread and pelvis facing you its a biological instinct of him wanting you. Pay attention to his lower half when you two are talking or saying goodbye at the end of the night. It's a clear indicator of how he is feeling about you.

I hope these 10 body language signs to know how your first meeting is going have helped prepare you for that first date, or night out on the town. Remember, the smile on his face, position of his body, and look in his eyes are going to reveal the truth about what is in his head over the words coming out of his mouth!

Are you good at reading body language?

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