7 Questions to Ask Yourself in Order to Get over Your Crush ...

If he has a girlfriend or told you he wasn’t interested, you’ll want to get over your crush. Losing feelings for someone is a difficult process. When you love everything about a person, how can you get over them? Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you’re trying to get over your crush.

1. Do You Just like the Idea of Him?

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When we’re lonely, we can pick a random person and wish that they were ours. If you want to get over your crush, ask yourself whether you really like him. You might just want a relationship--any relationship. If he’s interchangeable, you don’t really like him. You just like what you think he could give you. Try to find someone that you like for their personality, not just for their potential to be your boyfriend.

2. Is He Right for You?

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Just because you like a man, doesn’t mean that he’s perfect. Can you picture staying up with him all night to talk about life? Can you imagine spending rainy days with him watching old movies? Opposites can attract, but they can also be disastrous. If you don’t think that you and your crush would have anything to talk about, why would you want to be with him?

3. Would It Have Worked out?

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If you went on a date, how long do you think the relationship would last? Is he the type of guy to have a quick fling? Having a short relationship with him may have hurt you more than having no relationship at all. Try to think about your situation positively. Things could always be worse.

4. Would He Be a Good Boyfriend?

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Some men are fun to flirt with, but wouldn’t make the best boyfriends. If he loves partying, and sleeping around, you can’t expect him to settle down for you. Consider his personality and if he would actually make a good boyfriend. He could be the greatest guy ever, but if he’s not ready for a relationship, you can’t force him into one. Everyone moves at their own pace.

5. Would It Be Messy?

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Is your crush related to one of your friends? Maybe he is your friend. Maybe he’s your boss. As much as you want to be with him, it might be inconvenient. You don’t want to ruin a friendship, or lose your job, by dating him. Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices.

6. Is He Happy?

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If you really like him, you’ll want him to be happy. If he’s content with his girlfriend, or loves being single, then don’t try to change his life. Let him do whatever he wants to do. He’s in control of his own life, just like you’re in control of yours. There’s nothing wrong with going your separate ways.

7. Am I Happy?

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If you’re constantly crying over him, you need to find someone who will make you happy. You can’t go through life upset over one guy. What’s the point of liking him if he only makes you sad? Try to find someone who causes you to smile. Life will seem a whole lot brighter once you do.

It’s always challenging to stop liking a guy that you were once crazy over. Are you trying to get over a guy? Why do you think it’s so difficult to do so?

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