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7 Things to Remember after Being Cheated on ...

By Holly

It can be hard to recover after being cheated on. The person you loved and trusted betrayed you, so how are you going to trust anyone again in the future? You’ll need some time to yourself, but you’ll eventually heal. After being cheated on, you have to remember a few important things:

1 Not Your Fault

After being cheated on, it’s easy to list your faults. You wonder if he did it because you aren’t pretty enough, or because you're not capable of fulfilling his needs. However, his unfaithfulness has more to do with himself than you. No-one deserves to get cheated on. If he was unhappy with your relationship, he should’ve ended it.

2 All Men Differ

When you’re ready to get back into the dating game, you can’t obsess over your ex. Don’t blame future boyfriends for your past boyfriend’s mistakes. New relationships are blank slates. If your new man is trustworthy, he deserves to be treated as such. Not every man is willing to break your heart. Some of them will treat you in the way you deserve to be treated.

3 Don’t Need Him

You’re a strong, capable woman. You don’t need any man to survive, especially not one who will hurt you so badly. Try not to be upset about losing a boyfriend. Be happy that you’re single, and that you’re free to live life in whatever way you please. No matter how much pain you’re in, remember that you don’t need anyone who doesn’t need you.

4 His Loss

You lost a cheater, but he lost an incredible girl. Even though he felt the need to see other women, you remained faithful to him. Anyone would be lucky to have a girl like you. You have to be confident with yourself, and know that you’re a prize. Your man doesn’t know what he’s missing.

5 Blame Him, Not Her

Okay, you can blame them both. But some women fall into the habit of only blaming the girl for stealing her man. Chances are she wasn’t aware that he was in a relationship. Even if she knew, she didn’t force him to have sex with her. Your man made a decision to sleep with her. He wasn’t doing something against his will, he was doing something that he wanted to do.

6 You Learned the Truth

At least you know your man’s true personality. You’re no longer under the false impression that he’s perfect. You see his faults, which will make it a bit easier to get over him. It’s not a bad thing that you found out about his unfaithfulness. Be thankful that you’re not ignorant to his behavior, because you’d still be with him.

7 People Make Mistakes

You don’t want to remain in a relationship with a cheater, but you can forgive him. There is no excuse for his behavior, but if he’s genuinely sorry, you can . Forgiveness will not only raise his spirits, but it will make you happier as well. Once you forgive, you can start moving on. You can’t dwell on the guy who broke your heart. You have to find someone else who wouldn’t dare to hurt you.

Many people have suffered through similar situations. Has a man ever cheated on you? Have you recovered from the experience?

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