9 Questions You Should Ask on a First Date ...


Are you the type of person who thinks about the question you should ask on a first date? Preparing some questions for the first date is a good way to ensure that you get to know your date and that you both have a fun conversation. I think we’ve all been through those awkward periods where no one is talking and you’re forced to make small talk about the salad dressing. I’m all for being spontaneous, but planning some questions to ask your date never hurts. If you want some ideas on questions you should ask on a first date or just want to make sure you avoid any uncomfortable lulls in the conversation, read on for some great options!

1. “How Was Your Day?”

One of the questions you should ask on a first date should do with how they’re doing or how their day went. I know it might seem kind of like the standard obligatory greeting, but I’m sure you're curious to know how it went anyway and you can get an idea of what kind of mood they’re in. Psychology Today also notes that asking about your date’s day is a good way to tell if they have a positive or negative attitude towards things. Plus, you don’t want to start off the date firing off a series of serious questions.

“What do You like about Your Job?”


I know right! me too I get nervous. .
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This is a great article!! I never know what to ask and get nervous about what to talk about!!
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