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7 Tiny Things That Can Tell You a Lot about Him ...

By Holly

If a man hasn’t opened up to you yet, there are little things that can tell you a lot about him. In order to know the ‘real him,’ you don’t have to have deep conversations. There are millions of tiny things that can tell you a lot about him. You just have to pay attention.

1 His Texting Style

Does he give you one word answers or reply with messages as long as yours were? Does he shorten his words and use slang, or does he speak eloquently with proper punctuation? Believe it or not, those simple things can tell you a lot about a man. It shows whether he’s willing to impress you and if he takes the time to read over what he’s written. His texting style is one of the tiny things that can tell you a lot about him, so don’t overlook the way he writes.

2 His Fashion Sense

Does he only wear the trendiest clothes or does he go out in plain tee-shirts? His style can occasionally indicate his wealth, but it always indicates his manner. If he throws anything on, he’s laid back and casual. If he wears named brand clothing, he wants to look his best. You can determine a lot about a person by the way they choose to present themselves.


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3 His Music Taste

What songs fill his iPod? The genre can tell you a lot about him, but so can the lyrics. Do his favorite songs have a theme to them? Maybe they’re all about heartbreak, which shows his sentimental side. If he prefers Weird Al parodies, he has a great sense of humor.

4 His Favorite Character

Your favorite things are a window into your personality. Your favorite book, movie, and film are all indicators of what you like. Ask him what his favorite character of all time is. If it’s an underdog, it could be because he sees himself in the character. If it’s a strong girl, it could be because that’s what he wants in a woman. Of course, liking an evil character doesn’t make him a bad person. You have to really understand the character in order to get a sense of why he loves him or her.

5 His Role in the Family

Is he an only child? Or is he the oldest brother who had to raise three younger sisters? His place in the family can help you get a grasp on his personality. If he was the eldest sibling, he should be used to taking on responsibilities. If he was the youngest, he could be used to being viewed as inferior. Every family is different, but knowing where he fit in can help you figure out why he is the way that he is.

6 His Pet

Look at the way he treats his animals. Does he have a little dog that he carries around like a baby or does he have a pet lizard that he doesn’t pay much attention to? If his pet is his life, it shows that he is loving. If he neglects it, then he’s irresponsible. He won’t necessarily treat you like he treats his pet, but it’s a good way to see how he treats the things he loves.

7 His Sense of Humor

Pay attention to the things that he laughs at. If he has a dark sense of humor, he may have a cynical view of the world. If he enjoys childlike jokes, he could be a bit immature. You don’t have to find the same things humorous, but it helps to notice when he laughs. It’ll clue you in to what he finds entertaining.

The next time you talk to your man, pay attention to these aspects. They could tell you a whole lot more than he's willing to blurt out. What else can tell you a lot about a person?

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