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The age debate never stops. But it appears that women who date younger men seem to get a rougher deal than men who date younger women. They get called cradle snatchers and the objects of their affections get called toy boys. (And yes, the other way round suffers too, with accusations of being a trophy wife or a gold digger.) The human race is way too judgmental. Love happens in mysterious ways! There are plenty of good reasons to date a younger man, in case you are wondering.

1. Young Guys Are Hotties

Let's face it, most mature men have little more than an abundance of nasal and ear hair to recommend them - great, if you're an anthropologist writing an academic paper on human woolliness but not so great when you're looking for a handsome beau to light up your love life. Young guys are hot, fit and a lot less inclined to bore you rigid with their "life experience" monologues. If you ever needed valid reasons to date a younger man, think "nasal hair"!

You Stay in Control


I am dating a guy who is 8 years younger and we have an amazing relationship . Age is just a number My ex husband is five years older and dated a guy a guy 11 years younger so it doesn't matter.
I researched on the internet (so take my finding with a grain of salt) but the social accepted age difference is half the oldest person age plus 8 yrs.. ex half of 50 is 25 +8 =33. So social standard...
less mature, not experienced, sorry young guys not for me, i like them a few years older.
Most of the things in this article are true as my fiance is 5 years younger than me but i would say maturity in young guys sometimes makes a real troulbe :-S
The Queen of Bitches
It is not believe me he is so immature
Nine years is a big age gap when you're young
The Queen of Bitches
I dated a guy nine years older then me .... It was a mistake so I guess I am gonna start dating guys younger then me.
Obviously, the older we get, the less age matters. I'll note that my husband is a full decade younger than I. Does it work? Well, we recently celebrated our 30th(!!) wedding anniversary, & we are still soulmates. :-)
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