7 Undeniable Pros of Dating Rich Men ...


Dating a rich man is often something women strive to achieve but never actually do. When looking to find your match, financial stability is unfortunately a quality that tends to get thrown under the bus. But in a world where money doesn’t grow on trees and cannot be taken for granted, dating a rich man with a stable income needs to take significant precedence over less important qualities - like looks and age - and here’s why.

1. Never Pulling out Your Wallet

Yes this is the generation of equality, but I know when I go out with a guy, something I don’t want to be held accountable for is my half of the dinner tab. When dating a rich man, this isn’t something I ever have to worry about and that’s definitely a reason to date men who have their heads and bank accounts in notable places.

Never Feeling Uncomfortable


Seksi K
I know a very wealthy man that has severe trust issues because of women like this. I am appalled to read this article. I feel sorry for men like him who can't find real love because if women trying to...
Heather Jensen
Hi Kendra! That is true, that is absolutely fun -- but I would definitely say that having financial stability is good too, that way you can really plan your life. :) Thanks for the comment!
I know everyone has their own Opinions but I'm with KendraRay, it would be monotonous and boring no thought would be put into anything and it would feel like they were just buying off your heart
Amen to the power and financial stability points
I know everyone has their own taste and apparently money is yours. i honestly like hardworking outside men who make enough to get by an maybe treat me to a little dinner at the end of the week. dating...
Heather Jensen
Hi Tina! Where you are not scrapping by for money, financially stable would be the better word for it. :)
Heather Jensen
Hi Alletta! I think that is awesome! :) I'm not rich either, but I think that financial stability is something that everyone wants/desires!
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