Using a Condom Does Not Ruin Sex in Fact Sex with a Condom Can Be Better ...


Using a Condom Does Not Ruin Sex  in Fact Sex with a Condom Can Be Better ...
Using a Condom Does Not Ruin Sex  in Fact Sex with a Condom Can Be Better ...

We spend our years in sex education at school being told that the only way to go unless you are trying for a baby is to both be on the pill and use condoms for extra protection, so why is that there is still such a stigma and negative attitude towards using condoms? Whether it’s the condom free influence of pornography, or just a lack of knowledge about the true benefits they can have outside of preventing pregnancy, there is definitely a problem that needs to be addressed! Here are some reasons why using a condom doesn’t ruin sex. Actually, there** are reasons sex can be better with a condom**.

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Lasts Longer

Sex can often last much longer when the guy is wearing a condom. There is just enough reducing of sensation to keep everything feeling fantastic for the guy, but perhaps keep him going for longer than he might if you were going completely unprotected. The longer your sex session lasts before he climaxes, the much bigger chance you have of having a more pleasurable time too!


No Moment Kill

The act of putting a condom does not ruin the moment for you and don’t believe it if a guy tries to tell you that because it’s just a shitty excuse. If he is hard and ready to go, the suggestion to put a condom is not going to kill his vibe. To make the transition as smooth as possible, make sure to always have condoms by the bed so that he doesn’t have to run to the bathroom or dig around in a drawer or handbag.


Added Pleasure

Rather than dulling pleasure for couples, condoms can actually enhance it thanks to various cool and innovative designs. From ribbed condoms that add pleasure for you to flavoured condoms that make giving oral sex a much more appealing act, thereby giving more pleasure to him, there is a lot that condoms can add to a sexual experience.


No Difference

At the end of the day, multiple studies have helped to prove that the difference in sensation between unprotected and protected sex is so minimal that any guy who says it makes him feel a lot less is simply lying or is instead suffering a mental block instead of a physical one. There is no statistical difference in the regularity of orgasm for both men and women who use condoms versus those who don’t.



One of the main complaints of condom haters is that they don’t enjoy the artificial, rubbery feel of the penis when their guy has one on, but there is one easy fox for this, lubrication. Use as much as lube as you want, the more the better. The smoother the sensation is for you, the more pleasure you will feel.

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