9 Awesome Ways to Take Your Orgasms to the Next Level ...

By Sici

From the first fumblings in your teen years to the smooth and steady rhythm that you get going with a long-term adult partner, it would be fair to say that the groove of your orgasm has gone on a real journey over the years! It’s strange to think that a bodily sensation that does almost the same thing every time can sometimes feel so different. I’m sure you are well aware of the fact that there are lots of factors, both internal and external, which contribute to the success or failure of reaching a satisfying climax. If you want to see just how far your own pleasure can go, then here are nine ways to take your orgasms to the next level!

1 Know Your Body

Do lots more self exploration to get to know your body, so that when the time comes for a partner to stimulate it, you will know exactly what you like and what you don’t like, and you can give them friendly advice to help you achieve a great climax.

2 Warm up

Don’t go into the act of penetrative sex without a little warm up first. A little clitoral stimulation can go a long way for a woman, so make sure not to skip on the all-important foreplay.

3 Don’t Rush

Don’t treat reaching orgasm as some sort of race that you need to win. Instead, slow things down and take your time, allow the feelings and sensations to build up and you will enjoy a much deeper and bigger climax.

4 Take It Easy

Try not to try so hard to achieve orgasm, because this can have the reverse effect of making your body ‘clam up’ and not respond in the way that you want it to. Don’t try to over speed or overthrust, just take it easy and the pleasure will come.

5 Vibrator

If you don’t have a vibrator at this point, then what are you doing!? Clitoral stimulation is often the key to achieving orgasm, and a little clit vibe to use as you are being penetrated is a sure fire way to overdose on pleasure!

6 Fantasy

Why not indulge in a few fantasy scenarios with a partner? Talk about the fantasies that have always turned you on the most, and see if you have any overlapping areas that you can both have a lot of fun with.

7 Kink

Don’t be so vanilla in bed. Try out a few kinks here and there to see if you land on something that gives you that extra jolt of pleasure.

8 Edging

Experiment with edging, which is the process of being brought right to the edge of orgasm and then back again without actually climaxing. Doing this more than a few times in a row builds up sensation and results in one hell of an orgasm when you can’t take it anymore!

9 Go Again

One of the best advantages women have over men is the ability to have multiple orgasm! Don’t just stop at one, keep going and see if your next one can be even more intense than the last!

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