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Don't you hate when a guy texts you nonstop for a week, and then suddenly won't answer you for days? It's almost too confusing to handle! Of course, there are always reasons behind a man's actions, even if it seems like he's making zero sense. Here are a few reasons why your crush might be sending you mixed signals and driving you nuts:

1. He Isn’t Ready for a Real Relationship

He Isn’t Ready for a Real Relationship

If he likes you, but isn't ready for a relationship with you, then he's sending mixed signals in order to put distance between the two of you. That way, he won't have an opportunity to move forward with you. Even though he genuinely likes you, his fear of commitment is holding him back from making a move.

He Isn’t Interested in Dating You


I been through this. Or should I say still goin ... It is hurtin me.:(
Or he has other things going on? Like a job, school, family, or guy friends?? Patience is a virtue!!!
No One Is Perfect
I literally dealt with every one of these and it sucks. It hurts. But I'm way better off without him in my life. The biggest shock to me was when I texted a friend of mine and she responded within sec...
Or he's just a dick.
His keeping his options open :/ it get my nerves ☹️☹️
Beautiful Blue
Probably number 6?
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