17 Signs He'll Never Stop Pursuing Your Heart ...


17 Signs He'll Never Stop Pursuing Your Heart ...
17 Signs He'll Never Stop Pursuing Your Heart ...

We all want to be in a relationship where we’re always being pursued. No one wants to settle for a relationship where there’s no spark and no chase. So how do you know if you’re with the type of man that’ll always pursue your heart? These 7 signs can give you a good indication of if your man falls in this category.

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He’s Naturally Romantic

clothing,human positions,person,sun tanning,leg, A man that’s naturally romantic will never stop pursing your heart. He enjoys romancing you and doing special things for you. He could be romantic in the way of surprising you with flowers or it could be in a more thoughtful way such as bringing you chicken soup when you’re sick. All men express their romantic side differently. It’s important to value whatever romantic gestures he makes.


Devotion is His Middle Name

Cinderella Castle,Disney World, Cinderella Castle,human action,facial expression,person, How can you not love a man who’s wholeheartedly devoted to you? His commitment to you is so strong that the whole world can see it. You’re his woman and he’s proud of that fact. He never shies away from referring to you as “my girlfriend” or “my wife” because he’s proud of the fact you’re his. He loves the fact that his heart belongs to you, too.


He Never Forgets a Holiday or Special Occasion

eyewear,sunglasses,clothing,glasses,person, Another sign he’ll always want to show his love for you is this one. He never forgets a holiday or a special occasion. You can count on the fact he’ll make your birthday special and show his love on Valentine’s Day. You gotta love a man that never forgets a holiday! He’s a keeper.


He’s Serious about a Future with You

human action,human positions,sports,physical fitness,leg, When a man has a serious intention to always pursue your heart then he’ll let you know by doing this. He shares his hopes for a future with you. His dreams include you by his side. Men don’t daydream of a future with a girl unless they really intend to see it happen. So when he shares his plans for a future with you then know he’s decided your relationship is very important to him.


He’s Got a Sensitive Side

human action,person,man,nose,male, Men with a sensitive side are natural pursuers of their woman’s heart. They sense your needs more easily than men that aren’t quite as sensitive. They get your needs a little easier. Therefore, pursuing your heart is a natural thing for them to do. He wants you to know he’ll always care about you.


He Wants to Know Your Thoughts and Feelings

cat,nose,mammal,kitten,cat like mammal, A man that doesn’t settle for the exterior you is a gem you want to hold onto. If he wants to know your thoughts and feelings, you’re lucky in love! You’re more than just a pretty face to him. You truly mean something. He loves the inner you as well as the outer you which is a wonderful thing.


Others Comment on How Crazy He is about You

human action,person,photograph,woman,man, If you get comments from others about how crazy your man is about you then that’s a great sign. It means his love for you is very evident. Your relationship means a lot to him and he’s totally enthralled with you. He’ll always pursue your heart because of his feelings for you. Your relationship has positive vibes that others envy.


He Always Tries to Get You Involved

Eiffel Tower,human action,photograph,blue,interaction, A man in love who's crazy about his partner will always try to find ways to get you involved in his life. Whether it's sporting events, hangouts with the guys, even things that you might not have any interest in, he wants you by his side! He wants to create new memories with you, introduce you to the important people in his life, and make it known that you have his heart.


He Lets You Know He's Always Thinking of You

Hollywood Sign,people,vacation,interaction,romance, He's crazy about you so he's going to make sure you know that you're always on his mind. Maybe he does this through random texts, calls, sending you funny snaps, or just dropping by your job and surprising you, he wants to make sure that you know you're always on his mind.


He Makes You a Priority

vacation,sea,adventure,walking, A man pursuing your heart will make every effort to factor you into his plans. He'll keep you in mind when he makes plans so it doesn't interfere with date night and makes sure he picks a restaurant with vegan options for the double date with his friend because he wants you to enjoy your meal. He makes your comfort and happiness a priority!


He Wants You to Be Close to His Friends and Family

human positions,leg,interaction, A good sign that he'll never stop pursuing your heart is that he wants you to develop close ties with his friends and family. He's excited for you to get to know his friends and family. You and his loved ones are the most important people in his life so of course he wants all of you to get to know one another and develop a close relationship.


He Doesn't Rush

Adidas,human action,structure,room,muscle, Even if the two of you are in a committed relationship, he doesn't rush you to have sex, move in with him, or start sharing things. He's happy taking it nice and slow and doing what makes you feel comfortable. This shows that he knows you're worth the wait and that he puts your desires over his.


Happy Doing Nothing

human action,clothing,arm,leg,footwear, A man who is serious about his relationship doesn't need a bunch of fireworks or drama to be happy. In fact, he's happy doing nothing with you. Maybe it's laying on the couch watching The Bachelor, doing yard work, or even if he hates doing laundry, he's more than happy to fold clothes if it means he gets some extra time with you.


You're Not Worried

human action,person,mouth,muscle,black hair, A committed and serious man will do all that he can to make sure his partner knows how he feels. You won't ever have to wonder if he still cares or if he's still attracted to you because he makes sure you know so you feel safe and secure in your relationship.


He Has Your Likes and Dislikes Memorized

human action,hair,muscle,hairstyle,blond, You can rest assured he won't stop pursuing your heart if he makes it a priority to learn all of your likes and dislikes. He prides himself in knowing intimate details about you and your preferences and wants to take care of you in every way possible. He always wants to see you happy and he wants to be the one who puts that smile on your face.


He's Always Accessible

hair,human action,person,photography,hairstyle, A committed and caring man will ensure he makes himself available to his partner when they aren't together. He wants to make sure you can reach him in case of an emergency so you feel safe or if you just feel like calling him up and telling him about your horrible day so he can empathize and cheer you up.


Loves Your Imperfections

Trocadéro,color,photograph,window,INAN, He loves all of you. No matter what might have happened in the past, he loves you in good and bad times. Even when you felt you were at your lowest, he makes you feel loved and beautiful. There isn't a flaw or imperfection that can keep him from loving every inch of you.

These’re 17 signs he’ll never stop pursuing your heart. How many of these do you see in your relationship? Share your experiences here!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lisa Washington.

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