17 Signs πŸ’Ÿ He'll Never ❌ Stop Pursuing 😘 Your Heart πŸ’– ...

We all want to be in a relationship where we’re always being pursued. No one wants to settle for a relationship where there’s no spark and no chase. So how do you know if you’re with the type of man that’ll always pursue your heart? These 7 signs can give you a good indication of if your man falls in this category.

1. He’s Naturally Romantic

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A man that’s naturally romantic will never stop pursing your heart. He enjoys romancing you and doing special things for you. He could be romantic in the way of surprising you with flowers or it could be in a more thoughtful way such as bringing you chicken soup when you’re sick. All men express their romantic side differently. It’s important to value whatever romantic gestures he makes.

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