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7 Reasons Why You Can Find Love at Any Age ...

By Alison

It´s possible to find love at any age – you don´t have to be young to find a loving partner. So often, women think that they are too old for romance and relationships, and that men always want someone younger. But finding love isn´t just for the young! I love stories where couples fall in love and get married in their 80s or 90s – that shows that it´s never too late to find love …

1 Age is Meaningless

Increasingly, age is just a number for many people, who refuse to let it prevent them from doing anything they want. Finding love is no exception. Attitude, openness and experience are much more significant. If anything, age can be an asset, as you´ve learnt from previous relationships and know more about how to make it work and what you are looking for.

2 Someone for Everyone

There really is someone for everyone out there, whatever your age. Finding them may be the difficult part, but it´s definitely possible. In fact, there are lots of men with whom you could have a happy relationship. It´s not true that all the good men are taken; divorce means that many are looking for a new partner. Their previous marriage may not have worked out, but they could still be great for you.


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3 Wide Possibilities

You can have a happy relationship with someone of a different age, nationality or race. Attitudes have changed, we meet people from a wide variety of backgrounds, and there are many more possibilities now when it comes to finding love. Good men are still available, and whatever your age you can find love with someone who´s right for you. So you can be happy with someone who is younger or older,

4 All You Need is … One Person

We are told that as you get older, the pool of available men shrinks. But you only need to find love with one! Sure, they do have to be a good match for you, but it´s far from impossible. You have to get out there and meet people, as a great guy won´t just fall into your lap. Be open to the possibilities, and trust that there is someone out there for you.

5 Not Just for the Young

Frankly, maturity is a considerable asset when it comes to finding love. You´ve made your mistakes, learnt from the experience, and know much more about yourself and what you want (and don´t want). Men love a confident woman who´s sure of herself – and these days, a woman can easily attract younger men. So really, we get the best of both worlds – we can have a boyfriend who´s younger or older!

6 More Realistic

As we get older, we become much more realistic about relationships. In our youth, we look for perfection, which only leads to disappointment, and we can also put up with poor treatment from guys. Once we´ve matured, however, we know that nobody is perfect, including ourselves, and accept that relationships need work. We are also more inclined to make smart choices and look for someone who is good for us.

7 Experience of Life

In our society, it seems that youth is prized above almost everything. We are bombarded with the message that we need to preserve a youthful image. Yet getting older is not the disaster it´s made out to be (and it´s better than the alternative), one reason being that you acquire more experience of life. This makes you a more interesting person, and therefore partner.

Whether you´re in your 20s or your 60s, finding love is within your reach. If you´re young and have been dumped, you can feel that you will never fall in love again. If you´re older, you doubtless think that men only want younger women, Neither of these are true. There are many potential partners out there. How did you find love – was it through an unexpected route?

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