21 Reasons Why Women Date Older Men ...

By Heather

21 Reasons Why Women Date Older Men ...

Dating Older Men is exciting isn't it? They are typically better in bed, more experienced with women and have more money than the average guy. These are just the basic of why women want to go on dating older men versus younger men, but ladies, there are other reasons Below, I've got the top 21 reasons why dating old men is awesome and why older men are a great choice!

1 More Established

Although dating a younger guy can be fun and exciting, typically when you are dating older men, you can tell that they are more established. They typically have a house or a really nice condo, have a great career and have money in savings. This is super attractive versus a 20-something guy that might not have all of those things!

2 Intelligence

When it comes to intelligence ladies, do you notice that older men are typically super smart and can carry on great conversations? It all boils down to experience guys! If you are looking for stimulating conversation, typically the older guys are it!

3 He's Well-Read

How often have you been on a date and you bring up a book, but the guy you're dating hasn't read it? Well ladies, when you are dating older men, they are typically some of the most well-read men! Sports magazines and small books are not typically their cup of tea, but rather novels and actual literature!

4 Has a Career

Remember how I mentioned that typically older men are more established? Well ladies, it all boils down to his career right? These older guys can be anything from CEO's of great companies or they can be on the fast track to VP. That major money and it proves that they have some dedication!

5 His Manners

When you're out on a date, do you constantly find the guy that your with has no manners at all? Does the guy pull your chair out? Does he stand up whenever you get up? These are old school manners and when you're dating older men, these are typically a standard!

6 He Won't Change You

Younger guys are typically all about the changes. It could be everything from the way you dress all the way to the time that you go to bed. When you're dating older men, you'll notice that they won't try to change you, in fact, they'll appreciate the woman that you've grown to become!

7 Sexually Experienced

There are tons of reasons why dating older men works, but the sexual experience alone is a great reason. Not only are older men typically extremely sexually experienced, but they really listen to their partner. If you've had a string of bad sex relationships, you might want to try an older guy!

8 He Has His Own Place

If the guy that you're currently dating still lives with room mates or even with his parents, it's time for an upgrade. Older men generally have their own house or condo and are more than willing to share it with you!

9 It's Taboo

There are a lot of people that stare when they see a young woman with an older man, and some find the idea of annoying the public incredibly sexy. Why would a woman want to do something that is considered 'taboo' by certain members of society? Well, because it's just plain hot.

The idea of a woman dating an older man is often seen as taboo by society, but there are actually many reasons why it can be a great thing. For starters, older men often have more experience in relationships and can provide a level of emotional maturity that younger men may not have yet. In addition, older men may be more financially stable, and may be able to provide a higher quality of life for their partners.

In terms of physical attraction, older men often have a greater level of confidence and self-assurance that can be appealing to younger women. Furthermore, older men may be less likely to engage in risky behaviors, such as excessive drinking or drug use, and may be more likely to take better care of their health.

In a relationship, an older man may be more likely to take the lead and provide guidance and support to his partner. He may be more likely to be able to provide a sense of stability and security that younger men may not yet have. Furthermore, an older man may have had more time to develop his life skills and may be more likely to have had more meaningful relationships in the past.

Finally, an older man may be better able to provide a sense of stability and security in the relationship.

10 He's Mature

Older men are mature. They aren't going to make inappropriate jokes that will cause a fight. They aren't going to force you to hang out with their partying friends who will down shot after shot. He's more likely to invite you to quiet evenings with interesting conversation.

11 Done Playing the Field

Young men like to score as often as they can. They have their whole lives ahead of them, so they're only looking to have fun for now. Meanwhile, older men are usually ready to commit. You won't have to convince them to buy you a diamond ring, because marriage will already be on their mind.

12 Better Communicator

Older men have been in plenty of relationships before, so they know how they work. They know that communication and compromise are important if you're going to succeed as a couple, so they won't screw things up in a stupid way like most young men do.

13 Opposites Attract

You grew up in different decades, which means you know different TV shows and songs. He can teach you all about the trends that were popular when he was young, and you can do the same. It's a learning experience.

14 He's Attractive

Why do you think women are still so crazy about George Clooney? Yes, his acting is great and he's a nice guy, but his looks have a lot to do with it. Some people like that older look. He appears distinguished and sophisticated, which is pretty damn hot.

15 More Chivalrous

The older a man is, the more chivalrous he'll be. If you want someone to hold open doors for you and pull out your chair, your best bet is to date an older man. Respect was more important in the past, so he's a bit more chivalrous than the teens today.

16 Makes You Feel Young

When you're always around an older man, you're going to feel young in comparison. If your confidence is low, then dating an older man is sure to boost it. You'll never feel more beautiful and alive than when you're with him.

17 Won't Have to Pay

When a younger woman dates an older man, most people assume she's only interested in his money. For some, that's the truth. If a woman wants to receive fancy jewelry and never wants to pay for a date, then an older man with a good job is exactly what she needs.

18 A Challenge

If you're pretty and adventurous, it's not all that hard to land a date with a man your own age. But if you want an older man who is out of your league, it takes a bit of effort. If you're looking for a challenge, convince an older man that you're mature enough to be his girlfriend.

19 Gives You Protection

If you're placed in a dangerous situation, you'll feel safer with an older man than with a younger man. You'll be reassured by his wisdom and assume that he'll be able to save you from whatever hardship occurs. He's your knight in shining armor.

20 It's a Change

If you've been dating men your own age for your entire life, you might want to switch it up. Dating the same types of people over and over again can get boring. An older man can give you the change you've been waiting for.

21 She Just Loves Him

We can't help who we fall in love with. Some women end up in serious relationships with older men without actually trying to land someone more mature. They were just two people who ended up falling in love. They couldn't help it.

So ladies, these are just some of the reasons why dating older men is awesome! Older men are so mature and really know how to treat a woman. So ladies, what do you think about dating an older man? Would you do it?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan.

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So true. The guy I'm dating is extremely intelligent, polite, and on the right track to a wonderful career! :)

Honest article, depressing how often the "older guys have more money" thing comes up, doesn't help the "feminist until the cheque comes" myth. It's not new information though and at least the article is honest


Very true indeed! I am with an older man and he is great!! It's mentally challenging! We can have grown up conversations too! And what's very interesting is that he understand things like career and others... He is so mature!

yes!!! i'm currently dating an older man and i got the premium upgrade with bonus features. my boyfriend before him was a year younger than me and actually left me for my roommate in college! go figure. older guys are the way to go

I am a 25 and got a bf before when i was 21 and he is 58. and we really had a great time. unfortunately it was suddenly ended because of death. but we loved each other dearly. now i don't think i will prefer any guys aside from older men.

Women need to understand that, that younger guy you are turning away will be that older guy that is successful later on, every guy goes through the struggle of not having enough that's what women need to understand that older guys are just older versions of us young guys, so young ladies that say I need a older guy that can provide for me, think to yourself what he was before he was successful, that same guy you are turning down so ladies don't rush things to fast unless you

yes.. that's right we have our own decision to choose

becareful because I married an older man who pretend very well, soon we sing the papers he change totally!!!

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