5 Deeper Reasons You Choose the Wrong Men ...


5 Deeper Reasons You Choose  the Wrong Men  ...
5 Deeper Reasons You Choose  the Wrong Men  ...

There are lots of reasons you choose the wrong men. Have you noticed that sometimes you go from relationship to relationship with the wrong men that leave you heartbroken or regretful of your choices? Maybe sometimes you wonder what is wrong with you and why you attract all those wrong men. It is not the stars or your zodiac sign. Behind all your wrong choices there might be some other deeper things going on. So, consider these reasons you choose the wrong men.

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Extended Rebellious Adolescence

When you are in your teens, you tend to make irrational and hasty decisions. Sometimes this period of your life doesn’t go away when you hit 18 like there is a magic button and it can last for way longer. During this time, you might know that the man you are with is not good for you, but that rebellious nature comes out and you end up in a relationship with the wrong man. Youth is one of the top reasons you choose the wrong men.


Family Problems

There is a chance that when you were growing up, the relationship between you and your parents or the relationship your parents had with each other was not so good. As such you unconsciously make wrong decisions when it comes to your personal life. Something like ringing a bell that says, “I’m here, too, will someone pay attention to me or would you let me do the most idiotic things I can think of?”. In this case, the idiotic thing is choosing a man that will make you unhappy.


Low Self-esteem

It might come as a surprise, but there are a lot of women out there that have trouble with their self-esteem, thinking they are not beautiful enough or smart enough. These women tend to fall for the first man that shows even the slightest of interest even if he is completely unfit for them and they even think that the guy is too good for them.


Friendly Competition

All your friends are in a relationship except you. When that happens a small friendly and one-sided competition is created. You tend to form a relationship with the first guy that will come your way just to prove – to yourself and no one else – that you can have the same thing your friends have. The result? Not only you are dating the wrong man, but your friends also need to come and save you from yourself and your disastrous decision.


Need for Confirmation

Sometimes you need someone to confirm to you that you are desirable and beautiful. If you are still having doubts about who you are and what you want from life, you tend to see yourself through the eyes of everyone else in your life. And you tend to look for that confirmation from the first man you can find. The bigger your need for confirmation from another is, the bigger mistakes you make when you choose a partner because your judgment is blurred.

Whatever the reason you are choosing the wrong men for you, the result will be the same. Heartache, regret and in the end, you will be the only one who feels bad. Before you make the wrong choice, take a moment to think. These wrong choices will only hurt you and no one else. Don’t give in unless you are sure this is the best choice for you. Remember, you are a strong, beautiful and independent woman and have no need to put up with the wrong man.

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