9 Uncovered Relationship Statistics 💏 That Will Completely Shock You 😮 ...


Even though the science of love is a tricky one, scientists have compiled some data about relationships that may surprise you. While their information may not be spot on, they surveyed as many people as they could in order to make their statistics as accurate as possible. Get ready for your jaw to drop, because here are a few relationship statistics that will shock you:

1. Money is the Biggest Breakup Factor

This first statistic is the most understandable one. The biggest reason why couples split up is due to money issues. When partners can't agree on how to spend their money, or when they become frustrated with the small amount of money they make, fights can start.

90% of Third Marriages End in Divorce


Isabella Coles
I totally agree with 5, in my case my man wanted to say it but he was too shy, and then when I gave him the chance he actually expressed himself! It took me a while to actually express my feelings but...
Agree number 5s shocking. Not sure how I feel about it though lol
I agree with Alka
No User
Number five shocked me as well! But I think that maybe men are more emotional and passionate than they are willing to express.
I've been seeing a great guy for 4 months now and we met online. We both want a future of substance and love
And number 5 really surprised me!
Online dating is trash.
I love nerds!
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