How to Cope πŸ™πŸΌ when Your Relationship πŸ’‘ is Turning Long Distance πŸ’Œ ...


You’ve always told yourself that you would never enter a long distance relationship, you’re just not that type of person and it’s not something you want to deal with… but here you are. Without planning on it, you’re now in what you call a long distance relationship and no matter how sure you might have been in the past, worries and concerns are creeping up on you. Nonetheless it is solely up to you to make it work or abandon the ship before it sinks.

1. Analyze Your Relationship and Make a Decision

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For some of you, this might not even be an area of concern because despite the distance you are in it to make it work but others might want to reflect on the relationship before going into something that might not be necessary. I’d recommend asking yourself whether you want to stay with the person and analyze whether your answers are adequate and healthy. If so, keep reading on!

Work on Communication and Honesty


@Unknown, I know from experience with long distance friendships that people just get busy and sometimes may not have time or they look at it and ignore it and we both know it's okay bc we're there for...
Is it normal for him to not text for days? Should I try talking to him about or I'm I over exaggerating? Help please πŸ™πŸΌ
I ve been in a long distance relationship with my other half who i never saw for over 6 years !!!
What can I do? 😩
Hey my boyfriend is going to college and it's somewhat far away
Alysha DiBiasio
@Ja I agree. My boyfriend is in the air force and it's not easy but we make it work
True but not easy ,,, no one says it is easy though
Melba Marcela
Love the pictures!
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