20 Dating Tips for 20 Something Girls Who Want to Attract Epic Love ...


20 Dating Tips for 20 Something Girls Who Want to Attract Epic Love ...
20 Dating Tips for 20 Something Girls Who Want to Attract Epic Love ...

Are you dying to find your epic love💏 , your happily ever after 👰, your very own OTP? 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Not every woman 👧🏻 wants a fairy tale romance 💕, but those who do know the agony and the anxiety 😟 of the wait. ⏳ At times, it seems like it will never happen, like the dating pool is filled with too many frogs 🐸 for you to ever be able to find your prince 👑 , but that's not so. The key 🔑 is to stop ✋ being passive. Instead of waiting to find what you're looking for, you have to get out there and do what it takes to attract your powerful, amazing, romantic love ♥️ to you! Don't worry, though – it sounds harder than it actually is!

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Strut Your Stuff with Confidence

Even if you have to fake it 'til you make it, confidence is key. Walk, talk, and act with confidence and you'll be irresistible to everyone you come in contact with, no matter where you are. Other women will want to befriend you and be around you, men 👥 will want to be with you, and you'll find yourself that much closer to attracting a truly epic love.


Open up Your Mind and Heart 💞 to Something New

Do you have a type? How has it been treating you so far? If only for a little while, date outside your comfort zone. You don't have to lower your standards, but don't rush 🏃 to be too judgmental of potential partners who may not meet all of your expectations. By no means do you have to date 👬 someone you're not attracted to, but if a guy 👤 makes you laugh, consider a date even if he isn't the greatest looking dude 👱🏼 you've ever seen.


Make the First Move Yourself

Why not? It's 2016. It's a time 🕔 for being assertive and going after what you want. Who cares if a guy 👤 says no? A rejection is nothing. It's not a horrible death 💀 sentence, it says nothing about your worth as a person, it just means there wasn't a match. That's not so bad, right?


Maybe It's Time 🕦 to Ditch the FWB

Hook-ups and friends with benefits are fun, absolutely – being able to enjoy great 👍 sex with someone you like 💖 and trust without any strings is fantastic for everyone involved, although it's not to everyone's tastes. If you're getting serious about finding someone special, though, it might be time 🕒 to give up the side guys – just so you can focus.


Forget Your past and Look 💇 toward the Future

Getting over past hurts and heartbreaks isn't easy, but it's essential. You can't live your life in the past. Carrying grudges, anxieties, or preconceived notions into the present and the future 🔮 will simply defeat you. Instead of judging the guys you date 👭 now on a past relationship 👭 or fearing a new relationship 💏 because of something that happened with another guy, realize that all the bullshit is out of your life 💓 now. Everything from this point is brand new.

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One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Albert Schweitzer

Wait a Hot ☀️ Minute before You Get Physical

No sex shaming! It doesn't matter when you have sex – there are no rules and no one has the right to judge you. That being said, it's sometimes worthwhile to wait a bit when you think you've met someone who might have a huge impact on your life, especially your love 💑 life. Give it a few dates so you can learn more about each other and make sure there's something substantial beneath the chemistry.


Knock It off with the Mind Games

You can't attract a mature relationship 💏 if you're playing mind games. You can't maintain a mature relationship 👬 if you're playing mind games. You won't even find a mature relationship 💏 if you're playing mind games. Are you sensing a theme here?


Really Listen, Don't Just Hear

Since communication is an essential aspect of successful, loving 💏 relationships, you have to recognize the importance of really listening 🎧 to the person you're dating. You hear 👂 him talking, sure, but listen to him the way you want him to listen to you. Who knows? You might learn 📕 something that makes you fall head over heels.


Lay off the Assumptions

You can't assume anything about anyone. Just because a guy 👨 is a gamer, that doesn't mean he's lazy or single-minded. Just because a woman's a feminist, it doesn't mean she thinks all men 👥 are the enemy. Don't assume that his “k” text means anything other than “okay.” You're not at that stage yet, plus you know what happens when you assume, right?


Show Some Manners

No reason, except manners are sorely lacking these days, especially in the dating 👬 arena. A simple please, an easy thank you, a kind you're welcome. These things cost nothing to say, but they leave a memorable impression.


Don't Feel like You Have to Fill a Certain Role

You might be the type of woman 👧🏻 who prefers to have the man 👨 ask you out, open doors, or give your order to the server. You might be the type of woman who prefers the exact opposite. Both are valid choices and you should own them proudly. Don't go out with someone thinking 💭 you have to do things or embrace ideas you aren't comfortable with.


Step out as Your Best Self

This goes without saying, right? However, it's also easier in theory than in practice sometimes. Still, it's something you should endeavor to do on every date. That doesn't mean putting on the perfect 👌 makeup 💄 or wearing the right outfit, either, at least those aren't the only ways to step out as your best possible self. This is more of an attitude than an accessory.


Don't Rely Solely on Texting

It's easy, it's fast, and it's often less embarrassing than face-to-face talks or phone 📱 chats, mainly because you have the time 🕖 to write ✏️ out what you want to say. That's cool – you don't have to stop texting 💬 entirely, goodness no. Still, sometimes a call is better, don't you think? But you're under no obligation to leave anyone a voicemail.


Nothing is Sexier than Smarts

Do not, I repeat do not dumb yourself down for anyone. Not ever. Intelligence is the sexiest thing – and if you're with someone, some potential romantic 💝 partner, and s/he doesn't appreciate how smart you are? Girl, that is not the one for you.


Employ the Three-strike Rule

Three strikes, they're out. What qualifies as a strike? Whatever a deal breaker is for you. For example, consider that no one is entirely authentic on a first date. However, if you still don't feel like your date 👫 is genuine after three, four, or more dates, that's definitely a strike. Disrespect, verbal abuse, inappropriate comments or gestures – also strikes. For you, broken dates might be a strike. The point is, don't waste your time 🕒 forcing yourself to put up with crap 💩 that drives you crazy.


Show off Your Swagger

Why? Well, why not? Strut your stuff. Show off how frigging awesome 👍 you are. You're a catch. Let everyone else know it, too.


Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Forget dinner-and-a-movie first dates for a while. Try to meet people at a brand new place. Try a new food 🍡 at a restaurant you've never visited. Plan a first date 📅 that involves adventure, extreme sports, or something else completely out-of-character.


Dress 👗 Head-to-toe in Your Own Style

Doesn't matter what that style is, either. If you feel beautiful, you look beautiful. If you feel stylish, you are stylish.


Explore Some New Hobbies

Do this for several reasons, beginning with the fact that enriching your life 💓 is never a waste of time. You might meet new people as you embark on your new hobby. It can also create a new world 🌏 of date 👭 ideas.


Keep Karma in the Back of Your Mind

Always employ the golden rule. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Treat dates the way you want your dates to treat you.

What do you do to attract love 💚 to your life? I know all our readers will love your tips!

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